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Eating in Restaurant and Fast Food Joints Increases Fertility Issues – Breast Cancer – Diabetes

Eating in restaurant and fast food joints is very common among youngsters, children and family. 

Eating food from outside increase levels of phthalates in the body. Phthalates have been linked to asthma, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, pregnancy complications and fertility issues in the past few years

Phthalates are binding agents frequently used in food packaging as well as a number of other products including flooring, adhesives soaps and shampoos, and some forms of the chemical have been banned from children’s products in the US. 
Certain foods, including burgers and sandwiches, were linked to higher phthalate levels in the study, but only if purchased at a fast-food outlet, restaurant or cafe. 
The association was especially strong for teenagers, researchers found. Adolescents who frequently ate at fast-food outlets while out with their friends had 55% higher levels of the chemicals than young people eating at home. 
Lead author Dr Julia Varshavsky, from the University of California at Berkeley, said: “Pregnant women, children and teens are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals, so it’s important to find ways to limit their exposures.

In Hinduism, food is worshipped. We have Annapurna the Goddess of food. But blatant commercialization and worthless missionary education have made food a commodity. It is no longer respected. Food is abused and this is visible in the body. Our ancestors have clearly mentioned in various scriptures that the food we take have direct connection with even our behavior and health.

We need to teach our children about the importance of food at home (do not expect schools to provide such valuable lessons) and why it needs to be worshipped and respected.
The food we daily take has its effect on our psychology and character. It may be satvik, good and strengthening to the spirit; or destructive of serenity, passion-producing, rajasik; or wholly bad causing deterioration of mind and intellect and increasing inertia, tamasik. (BhagavadGita, Chapter VII – 8 to 10)