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Reason – Symbolism – Importance of Touching the Feet of Elders in Hinduism

Touching the feet of elders and Gurus (teachers) is of great importance in Hinduism. It is known as Charan Sparsh. Symbolically, the act of touching the feet shows respect. However, there are many other reasons. It is part of Hindu culture. An individual performs it without fear or coercion. Like all tradition in Sanatana Dharma, this one is also not forced by any rule.

The origin of the tradition of touching the feet of family members, elders and important people in Hindu society is lost in time. No one knows when this tradition started.

When we touch the feet of elders and Gurus, we connect with the positive energy in them. This energy is passed on to the person touching the feet. There is an exchange of positive energy.

It is also a way of suggesting that we all are connected to each through the invisible power of the Supreme Truth. As per Hinduism, all animate and inanimate rises, floats and transforms in Supreme Truth (God). There is nothing outside. It is our ego (ignorance), which is forcing us to believe that we all are different. Thus by touching we are killing the false ego. First, we do Namaskar to the Supreme Truth in the other person and then touch feet. Both this act takes out the false notion of superiority.

There is also a belief that when we offer respect to elders by touching the feet, there will be positive change in the grahas (planets). This will help in changing luck and ushering in peace and prosperity.

As per some Hindu communities, those who show respect of elders by touching their feet will be blessed with long life, knowledge, fame, honor and strength.

When the elderly person touches the head or body of the person touching feet, there is transfer of spiritual and positive energy. This helps in the expansion of spiritual and positive thoughts. It also drives out negative energy.

Take the blessing of elders in family daily by touching feet is highly meritorious. This helps in improving our confidence. There will be bonding and improvement of relationship.