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Detachment is the key to negating the illusory events of the universe

We want to be happy but our sorrows do not let us be so. We want to love people but our love is constantly clouded by unremitting hatred. We want to go ahead on our path to achieve greatness but the pulls of our body and mind do not let us do things in peace. We are constantly tossed and turned by the pulls of dualities. These twin-troubles come from our body, mind, and the environment. At their root lies our inherent nature to see things in pairs of opposites – dual nature.

The only solution to overcome this is to constantly reminding oneself of the ultimate reality or negating the apparent permanence of the evanescent experiences of dual nature.

Detachment is the key to negating the illusory events of the universe. This detachment has to be at the levels of the body, mind, and body-mind interactions with the environment.

Why is it so important to transcend dualities?

Whatever we may attain in the life of sense-experience, there would always be something better yet to be attained. This is the root cause of misery. It is imperative that we transcend dualities if we wish to transcend misery. For a blissful state to be attained, the bliss should not be dependent on anything.

Source - Excerpts from the editorial of the March 2016 issue of Prabuddha Bharata.