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Do These Things for a Good Night Sleep As Per Hinduism

Sleeplessness is a big problem today. Bad dreams, anxiety and the unexplainable steals a good night’s sleep. Here are few things that a person can do to get a good night sleep as per Hinduism.
  • Follow Dharma – Do not do things to others that you will not do to yourself.
  • Be content and happy with what you have.
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha and Hanuman daily. They can remove the biggest of obstacles in life.
  • Apply tilak on the right foot of Hanuman and then take some and apply on your forehead. This will keep all negative forces out.
sleeplessness hindu religion

  • Take some mustard oil and sindhoor, mix them to form a paste. Apply on the front door of the house and in the room in which you sleep. This will keep all negative energy out of the house.
  • If possible, chant Hanuman Chalisa daily before going to bed.
  • If not possible to chant the entire Hanuman Chalisa then chant this line. Teaching children this line is highly benefitial. “भूत- पिशाच निकट नहीं आवे। महाबीर जब नाम सुनावे।” 
  • Read a scripture you like before going to sleep.
  • Sleep in a room that has good air passage.
  • Wake up early in the morning before sunrise.