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Allama Prabhu Jayanti 2024 Date

Allama Prabhu is a popular 12th century saint and poet associated with the Lingayat Sect in Karnataka. Allama Prabhu Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the great saint and is observed annually on Ugadi day. In 2024, Allama Prabhu Jayanti is on April 9. Allama Prabhu is counted among the trinity of Lingayatism along with Basavanna and Akka Mahadevi.

Through his poems known as Vachana, Allama Prabhu criticized the social evils and reformed the society. He was against unwanted rituals and practice of caste system.

Allama Prabhu was a contemporary of Basavanna and Akka Mahadevi. Saint Animisayya was his guru and he enlightened him.

Allama Prabhu was against all forms of rituals and evil practices. His poems extolled the important of direct realization.

A poem of Allama Prabhu:

Look here,
the legs are two wheels;
the body is a wagon
full of things
Five men drive
the wagon
and one man is not
like another.
Unless you ride it
in full knowledge of its ways
the axle
will break
O Lord of Caves (Allama Prabhu)