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How To Fight Depression?

Depression is the result of never ending desires, competitiveness, loneliness and indifference. When we are not responsive, responsible, caring and compassionate, we are opening the doors of depression. Only you can fight and defeat depression. For this, you need to have a proper understanding of life.

A major reason for depression is high level of expectations. We perform our duty with expectations. We want people to recognize and appreciate us. We want them to be indebted to us. We want people to be loyal and thankful. We also want the best result in all matters. We do not want to lose. We want the highest remuneration. When this does not happen, we are disappointed, angry and disillusioned. Soon depression sets in.

How To Fight Depression?

We live in a materialistic society where everything depends on wealth. Relationships are based on financial status. We work hard to be part of such a society without realizing that people have no value in it. Value is only for wealth. We get depressed when we are not able to live up the expectations of such a society.

Depression sets in after struggling with unhappiness over a period of time.

To overcome depression, try to see through the fake society and fake relationships around us. Do not make relationships for selfish needs. Fill your mind with positive emotions. Remain positive. Do not do anything to satisfy the society and people around you. Do those things that give you happiness and mental satisfaction.

There is too much ‘must’ in our life. I must buy that mobile phone. I must own a flat. I must own that particular car. I must get married in this year. I must marry that particular individual only. I must get promotion. I must become CEO. I must be popular…the list of ‘must’ never ends.

Instead of ‘must’ we should do what we enjoy most to our best ability. Then accept who I am and what I have. Find happiness in that.

Unnecessary worry of future and perfectionism makes present and future unhappy. We need to be flexible, adaptive and encouraging. Things will not always be the way we want them to be.

Awareness is essential to not to fall into various traps in our daily life. Awareness also helps us to come up with different possibilities and solutions in life.

Do not get stuck on any thought or incident. Life should be like a perennial river. Keep flowing. If you become stagnant, you will rot and stink.

Have this attitude – nothing is permanent in life and this too shall pass.