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Guhyakas in Hinduism – Deities - Gods - Attendants Of Kubera

Guhyakas are attendants of Kubera, the treasurer of Gods. They are considered to be minor deities in Hinduism. As per Vayu Purana, Guhyakas are handsome but crooked too. They are similar to Yakshas. In social hierarchy among celestial beings, they are lower to Gandharvas but equal to Yakshas. In the Mahabharata, Guhyakas had fought with Bhima. The second of the Pandava brothers had accidentally entered the region of Kubera. Here he had fought with Guhyakas who were guarding the place. Mahabharata mentions them as weird creatures. Guhyakas reside on Kailash, Hemakuta Mountain and Gandhamadana Mountain . They are usually present where Kubera rules. As per some scriptures, Guhyakas are half horse or half bird. It is also believed that brave warriors that die in battle go to the land of Guhyakas .

To Restore Old Glory – Renovation work Undertaken at Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple at Triplicane in Chennai in Tamil Nadu

Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple at Triplicane in Chennai in Tamil Nadu was built during the 7th century AD. Unscientific renovation undertaken during early years had caused serious damage to the original structure. Now efforts are being made to restore the temple to its original form. Modern marble slabs on the floor have been removed to reveal the coarse granite that old temple architecture is so famous for. Compromises made in the name of convenience are being reversed. Oil lamps are now used for illumination. The Hindu writes “Yes, Panchavarnam, as stipulated in the science of temple building is used,” the officer explains. The figures have indeed come alive from the bland ivory that they hitherto sported. Each tier of the Rajagopuram, a stately structure of beauty, tells stories from the epics and the puranas. Yes, episodes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are depicted in detail.  However, with the front Mantapam rising up, the grandeur is not visible from the