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Sita in the Vedas – Goddess Sita in Rig Veda

Sita is the Goddess of the earth in the Vedas. She is a fertility deity and is worshipped in the Rig Veda. Rig Veda hymn 4.57.6 mentions her – She is the furrow. She is prayed for bountiful crops. Her blessings are taken for good crops. Auspicious Sita, come thou near: we venerate and worship thee That thou mayst bless and prosper us and bring us fruits abundantly. (Rg Veda Hymn 4.57.6) Kaushika Sutra of Atharva Veda mentions about a Sita who is the wife of Parjanya. Paraskara Grihya Sutra of Shukla Yajur Veda talks about a Sita who is the wife of Indra. It must be noted here that in the Ramayana which was composed later after the Rig Veda, King Janaka finds Mata Sita in a furrow. Similarly Mata Sita disappears from the Earth in a furrow. 

Mahabharata Drama in Four Countries – Four Parts in Four Different Nations

Mahabharata Drama produced by KIKH Project and directed by Hiroshi Koike of Japan is divided into four parts. Each part of the theater performance is enacted in four different countries. The first part was made in Cambodia . The second was made in India . The third will be performed in Japan . The fourth will be enacted in Malaysia . The Hindu writes The four part drama explores elements of culture that binds Asian countries.  “The Mahabharata project was launched after the 2011 earthquake in Japan or the Great Sendai Earthquake. A powerful earthquake shook north-eastern coast of Honshu, Japan ’s main island, caused widespread damage on land and initiated a series of large tsunami waves. It shocked the nation. Many were numb. Our artistic productions came to a standstill. Koike knew that we should not remain silent for long. He then launched the Mahabharata production,” said Fumiko Sato, production manager with KIKH Bridge Project. Koike was born in Hitachi in Ibaraki pr