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Thirunavaya Ekadashi at Tirunavaya Navamukundan Temple

Thirunavaya Ekadashi is observed in the TirunavayaNavamukundanTemple in Kerala. Thirunavaya Ekadashi 2018 date is February 26. The Ekadasi falling during the waxing phase of moon in Malayalam month Kumbham is of great significance at the temple.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu as Navamukundan. Legend has it that Goddess Lakshmi and the elephant, Gajendra, worshipped Lord Vishnu here by offering lotus flowers. When the lotus flowers in the pond dwindled, to please his devotee Gajendra, Lord Vishnu is believed to have taken Goddess Lakshmi to his side so that Gajendra will have enough lotus flowers.

Another legend has it that the first eight idols installed by Navayogis disappeared soon after installation and the ninth idol also started sinking and was forcibly stopped. The murti of Lord Vishnu worshipped here is only visible from above knee.
Tirunavaya NavamukundanTemple is located about at ThirunavayaVillage which is 8 km south of Tirur near Ponnani in the Malappuram District…

Conquer falsehood by truth – Mahabharat

O sexual desire! I know thy root. Thou art born of thought. I shall not think of thee and thou will cease to exist.
There is no eye equal to the eye of knowledge; there is no asceticism equal to that of truth, there is no happiness equal to that of renunciation…
There is no greater pleasure for a knowledge person than loneliness, equanimity, truth, virtue, firmness, gentleness, straightforwardness, and renunciation of all actions.
Conquer the anger of others by non-anger; conquer evil doers by saintliness; conquer the miser by gifts; conquer falsehood by truth.
A wound caused by the arrow is healed leaving behind only a scar, a forest felled by the axe grows again but a wound cut by speech does not heal.

Where there is Dharma, victory exists there – Mahabharata