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Mahunag – Karna of Mahabharat Worshipped in Honeybee form in Himachal Pradesh

Mahunag is a deity worshipped in Himachal Pradesh. It is widely believed that Mahunag is an incarnation of Karna of the Mahabharat. It is said that Karna takes honeybee form and rescues his devotees when they are in distress. Popular temples dedicated to the deity are located in Shimla, Karsog and Manali.
Legend has it that the deity once appeared in the form of a honeybee (mahu) to help a king (Raja Shyam Sen) of the region who was imprisoned by a Mughal ruler. The king was kept in a large drum as a prisoner. The honeybee who entered the drum asked the king for a place to stay in the drum. The king told the honeybee that he is ready to give him a place and if he could secure his release, he would give him half his kingdom.
Mahuna then took the form of a chess player and challenged the Mughal ruler in chess. The ruler promised anything he wanted if could defeat him. After winning the game, Mahuna asked for the large drum in which the king was imprisoned.
Thus Mahuna secured the rele…

Navchandi Mela 2018 in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh – Nav Chandi Fair and Festival in Meerut

Navchandi Mela 2018 is annually held after the Holi festival and the fair attracts nearly a 100,000 people. Navchandi Mela 2018 date is March 3.  Nav Chandi Fair and Festival lasts for a month and is famous for its crafts. Numerous religious activities are also part of the fair.
It is believed is observed to commemorate the building of the ChandiTemple in Meerut by Mandodari, the wife of the demon king, Ravana.
Shopkeepers from all over Uttar Pradesh and North India put up stalls in the fair – more than 1000 stalls are put in a 4 square kilometer area. The fair offers various kinds of crafts, utensils, entertainments and food.

Vidur Kuti Temple in Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh – Dedicated to Vidur of Mahabharat

VidurKutiTemple at Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh is dedicated to Vidura of the Mahabharat. Vidur is the uncle of Pandavas and Kauravas in the Mahabharat. He always stood by dharma and warned Dhritarashtra and Kauravas about their downfall if they practiced Adharma.
VidurKutiTemple is located on the banks of holy river Ganga and is around 11 km from Bijnor town.
Thousands of people converge here on Kartik Purnima day to participate in Ganga Snaan festival – holy bath in river Ganga. A fair is held her on the occasion.
The temple is open on all days.
Currently the temple is in a dilapidated condition although it is part of the Mahabharata circuit in Uttar Pradesh.

Shivratri Food – What food we can eat while observing Shivaratri Fast?

Shivratri Fast begins on the morning of Shivaratri day and ends only on the next day morning. It is a 24-hour fast and some devotees observe a complete fast. But a full fasting on the day is not possible for many people due to various reasons like job, illness etc. So there are many devotees who eat certain types of food on Shivaratri. Here is a brief idea on the food that is eaten on Shivratri day.
Majority of Hindus who observe Shivratri fast opt for a fruit diet – they eat fruits and drink lots of water on the day. Some people also drink milk.
Some devotees consume a mid-day meal (noon) consisting of non-cereal food such as boiled potatoes which is made into a curry without onion, garlic, adarak (ginger) or haldi (turmeric).
In some regions people eat Sabudana (Tapioca) Khichdi or Upma.
Some Hindu communities eat a special meal known as ‘phalar’ at noon.
Another food eaten on the day is pakori or Kutt Singahri ki puri.
No meal is eaten after sunset on Shivaratri day.
Next meal is…

Samarth Ramadas Teachings

Real knowledge is Self Knowledge – Vision of the Self by the Self.
Real knowledge consists in knowing God, in cognizing His eternal form, in distinguishing the real from the unreal.
Real Knowledge goes beyond the mind, beyond the intellect, beyond all argumentation. It goes even beyond the Beyond, and beyond the highest stage of speech.
It is good to give advice to others that they should meditate on the supreme sentence, “That art thou”; but this does not mean that they should take a rosary in their hands and count the sentence in their minds.
What is wanted is meditation on the substance of that great Sentence…
Difficult indeed is that knowledge by which one attains to one’s Self, to one’s original Form, which is self born and eternal.
That indeed is the Form from which all this comes out. That is indeed the Form, by knowing which all ignorance comes to an end.
Samarth Ramadas