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Guga Peer - Story of Guga Peer – Guga Peerji Ki Katha

Guga Peer is a very popular deity worshipped in many temples in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The deity is mainly worshipped for protection from snakes. You can read the story or Katha of Guga Peerji below.

Legend has it that Guga Peer, a Rajput prince and hero, had supernatural powers to control snakes – he was also immune to snake bite. He got the powers even before his birth from Baba Gorakhnath. There are different versions of the story of Guga peer. All stories include his divine birth, his art of healing people bitten by snakes and controlling venomous snakes, his marriage, dispute with cousins, wars and his final disappearance from earth. He is believed to have defeated numerous powerful kings. 
Guga is depicted riding a blue horse and holds blue and yellow flags. One belief is that the blue horse was born on the day Guga Peer was born and the horse was his constant companion.
It is widely believed that Guga Peer cured not only cu…

Shivaratri Mantra

The best mantra during Shivaratri is the ‘Panchakshara Mantra’ – ‘namahshivaya.’ Most people repeat it as ‘om namahshivaya.’ Not just during Shivaratri but this mantra can be chanted at anytime. Just close your eyes and chant it. You can experience a different feeling – a calmness.

Most people want to know the result of repeating the mantra. If you are repeating a mantra to gain something, I don’t personally believe that it is going to be of any help.

Never expect miracles to happen by repeating any mantras. All mantras are meant to improve ‘Shradha’– one can say it as concentration although it has a wider meaning. When chanted during meditation these mantras provide an inner strength. With the help of inner strength or shradha gained during chanting, you can improve your skills. This will in return help you in gaining both spiritual and materialistic wealth.

Importance of Shivratri

Shivratri is celebrated a night before ‘amavasya’ (full dark night) in the month of Phalgun (February – March) in North India. As per traditional calendars followed in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra this is the Magh Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi. The importance of Shivaratri is closely associated with ‘amavasya.’ Amavasya represents Kaliyuga. Mahadev Shiva appeared just before the beginning of Kaliyuga to rid the world of evil and ignorance, which is symbolically represented through Amavasya. Therefore Mahashivratri is celebrated to get rid of evil and ignorance.
On the Shivratri day, Shiva is worshiped in a special form of Linga called ‘Lingodabhavamurti or Jyotirlinga.’ It is a lingam in the form of fire which has neither a beginning nor an end. It must be noted here that ‘linga’ only means ‘sign.’ And it is merely an attempt to capture the formless.
Apart from this there are numerous legends and myths associated with Shivratri. An important myth is that Shivaratri…

Sant Niloba Maharaj Yatra at Pimpalner near Ahmednagar in Maharashtra

Sant Niloba Maharaj Yatra is annually observed in Phalgun month. It is dedicated to Sant Niloba Maharaj who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vithoba. The day is of significance at Pimpalner near Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. Sant Niloba Maharaj Yatra in 2018 begins on February 16.
Sant Niloba Maharaj was a great devotee and follower of the Vithoba sect. He is believed to have hard the darshan of Lord Vithal and Sant Tukaram Maharaj. His Abhangs (poetry) are very famous and they portray the life of Sri Krishna.
Sant Niloba Maharaj Yatra is held from Phalgun Shukla Paksha Pratipada Tithi or first day during the waxing phase of moon in Phalgun month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Shri Prahlad Maharaj Ramdasi Jayanti at Sakharkherda near Buldhana

Shri Prahlad Maharaj Ramdasi Jayanti is annually observed in Magh month. It is the birth anniversary celebrations of Shri Prahlad Maharaj Ramdasi. The day is of importance at Sakharkherda near Buldhana. Shri Prahlad Maharaj Ramdasi Jayanti 2019 date is March 6.
Shri Prahlad Maharaj Ramdasi spread the teachings of Dharma and truth. His followers attend the prayer meetings and other rituals organized at the sacred place dedicated to Shri Prahlad Maharaj Ramdasi.
Shri Prahlad Maharaj Ramdasi is annually held on Magh Amavasya Tithi or the no moon day in Magh month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Shiv Gajanan Maharaj Yatra at Balapur in Akola – Shivgajanan Maharaj Yatra

Shiv Gajanan Maharaj Yatra is observed in Magh month. It is held to the ShivgajananMaharajTemple at Balapur in Akola in Maharashtra Shiv Gajanan Maharaj Yatra 2019 date is March 4.
Hundreds of people participate in this annual yatra. The mandir of Shiv Gajanan Maharaj at Balapur is wonderfully decorated during the period. People from nearby towns and villages participate in the yatra.
Shiv Gajanan Maharaj Yatra is annually held on Magh Krishna Paksha Trayodasi Tithi or the thirteenth day during the waning phase of moon in Magh month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Tiruvilwamala Ekadashi – Punarjani Cave at Thiruvilwamala Temple

Tiruvilwamala Ekadashi is held at the famous ThiruvilwamalaTemple in Thrissur District in Kerala. Tiruvilwamala Ekadashi 2018 date is March 13. Numerous rituals are observed during the period. The annual temple festival is held during this period.

It is believed that the puja on the night of Ekadasi festival here is performed by Devas and Devis.

Vilwadrinatha music festival is organized during the peirod.

The festivities begin on Ashtami Tithi. Important rituals are performed on Dasami and Ekadasi.

The ritual procession conducted at night on Ekadasi day after Ekadasi Vilakku lasts till early morning hours. It is believed that Lord Vilwadrinatha had given permission to demon Kumbhanasa and companions to visit him on the day.

Passing Through Punarjani Cave During Guruvayur Ekadasi

One of the main rituals in the temple is the passing through the PunarjaniCave located on the eastern part of the Temple. It is believed that passing through this cave would end one’s cycle of birth and death …

Shambhu Mahadev Yatra at Salbardi near Amravati

Shambhu Mahadev Yatra is annually observed in Magh month at Salbardi near Amravati. The yatra is under taken to the shrine dedicated to Shiva in an underground cave here. Shambhu Mahadev Yatra 2019 date is March 4.
The annual festival attracts more than 50,000 people. The natural caves at Salbardi are famous for paintings and Hindu murtis. The springs here contain waters that help in alleviating skin disorders.
Shambhu Mahadev Yatra is annually observed on the Mahashivratri day.

Siddheshwar Maharaj Yatra at Dhotra near Aurangabad in Maharashtra

Siddheshwar Maharaj Yatra at Dhotra is annually observed in Magh month. It is dedicated to Saint Siddheshwar Maharaj. The temple dedicated to the saint is located at Dhotra near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Dhotra Siddheshwar Maharaj Yatra 2019 date is March 4.
The fair and festival attracts thousands of followers Siddheshwar Maharaj.
On the special puja and abhishek are performed. In the evening Palkhi is taken around the streets.
Siddheshwar Maharaj Yatra is annually held on Magh Krishna Paksha Trayodasi Tithi or the thirteenth day during the waning phase of moon in Magh month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Proposed Hanging Bridge to Connect the Leaning Huma Temple and Kanherkud Goddess Kali Temple in Sambalpur in Orissa

The leaning HumaTemple at Sambalpur in Orissa attract more 200, 000 devotees. After worshipping Shiva at the leaning HumaTemple, devotees take local boats to visit the KanherkudGoddessKaliTemple which is located on an island in the MahanadiRiver. Now the government is planning to construct a hanging bridge to connect the leaning HumaTemple and KanherkudGoddessKaliTemple.
Shiva is worshipped as Lord Bimaleswar at the leaning temple on the banks of MahanadiRiver in HumaVillage. The temple virtually tilts at an angle of 47 degrees to the west.
KanherkudIsland which houses an ancient GoddessKaliTemple is named after the Kudo fish, which is found in abundance in the region.
Read more about the Leaning Hindu Temple Dedicated to Shiva at Huma in Sambalpur, Orissa

Ganagapur Yatra

Ganagapur Yatra is an annual ritual of great importance at Shree Kshetra Ganagapur, a holy place associated with Lord Dattatreya. Ganagapur Yatra 2019 date is February 20. The popular belief is that on the day Dattavatari Shree Nrusimha Saraswati Swami Maharaj gave up his physical body and disappeared from Shreekshetra Ganagapur. Sri Nrusimha Saraswati Swami is believed to be the the second incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.

A week long rituals, satsangs and cultural programs are organized during the period. The prayers culminate on the last day which is also the most important day popularly known as Ganagapur Yatra. It is observed on the first day during the Krishna Paksha of Magha Mahina as per traditional calendar followed in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The day is also observed as Guru Pratipada.

Shree kshetra Ganagapur is mentioned in the “Shree Gurucharitra” and the belief here is that Sri Nrusimha Saraswati Swami resides in the region and guides and blesses devotees. The Padukas o…

You can never put an end to desires by fulfilling them – Swami Chidananda

If a desire comes and you fulfill it, the Samskara which caused that desire gets strengthened. Therefore, this great truth has to be kept in mind by the aspirant that by fulfilling a desire the desire never ends. You can never put an end to desires by fulfilling them. Just as the hungry flames will not subside by any amount of ghee poured into them, similarly, the desires get strengthened by fulfillment. 
Do not cooperate with the mind. Do not fulfill desires when they arise in the mind. It is the nature of the mind to desire. We may say that mind and desire are synonymous terms. To try our best not to fulfill desire is the only way of attaining mastery over the mind.
Countless desires may arise, but be indifferent and be silent. Do not say, ‘Come along, I will fulfill’. Just as a dog which is troublesome outside is kept in a room, similarly you should lock the mind inside. Only when the mind is purified, it becomes your guide. Till then non-cooperation with it is the best remedy. …