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Kadamberi Chuzhali Bhagavathi Temple Festival And Kaliyattam

Kadamberi Chuzhali Bhagavathi temple is located at Anthoor village on the Kannur – Taliparamba route in Kannur District, Kerala. The annual festival in the temple is observed from Makaram 12 to Makaram 14. Kaliyattam is organized in the shrine from Edavam 5 to Edavam 21. Kadamberi Chuzhali Bhagavathi temple is one among the 108 Durga temples in Kerala. Chuzhali Bhagavathi is the main deity. Ganapathy is the upa devata in the temple. The temple used to organize Kadamberi Pattu a rare traditional song folk art.

Kadampanad Bhagavathy Temple - Festival

Kadampanad Bhagavathy temple is located on the Adoor – Sasthamkotta route in Pathanamthitta district. The 10-day annual festival in the temple begins on Chothi Nakshatra day in Kumbham month. Kadampanad Bhagavathy temple has two separate shrines for Sastha and Bhagavathy. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Bhakrakali. The Upadevatas in the temple are Subrahmanian, Yakshi, Durga, Madan, Rakshas and Sarpam. Thaipooyam in January or February is an important festival here with special Kavadiyattam.

Kadappattoor Mahadeva Temple - About - Deities - Festival - Vigraham Worshipped Not Shivling

Kadappattoor Mahadeva temple is located on the banks of Meenachil river near Pala in Kottayam District.   The 8-day annual festival begins on the Aswathy Nakshatra in Meenam month. Parama Shiva worshipped in the temple is lovingly known as Kadappattoorappan. A unique aspect of the temple is that a murti or Vigraham of Shiva is worshipped in the temple not the regular Shivling. Shivratri in Kumbha Masam is another important festival in the temple. The stone murti worshipped in the temple is Nagabhushana Lingam and has the image of Shiva carved on it. The murti was accidently found on July 14, 1960 under an Athimaram here. The origin of the Shivling is traced to Gauna Maharishi who performed intense meditation here. It is believed that the vigraham worshipped in the temple was worshipped by Gauna Maharishi. The local people of the place provided all the help to the saint and therefore the place came to be known as 'Kadappetta Ooru' - meaning the Rishi is indebted to the people

Perunad Sree Dharma Sastha Temple - Information - Gods - Festival - Kakkattu Koyikkal Sree Dharma Sastha Temple

Perunad Sree Dharma Sastha temple, also known as Kakkattu Koyikkal Sree Dharma Sastha temple, is located at Perunad near Ranni in Pathanamthitta District. The annual festival in the shrine is observed for five days starting with Uthiram Nakshatra in Medam month. The temple, located on the banks of Kakkatu Aru (pond), is a Sastha or Ayyappa temple and he is worshipped here with his spouses Purna and Pushkala. There is also a belief that the murti is Vettakkorumakan. The deity faces east. The main upa devata in the temple is Rakshas. The Thiruvabharanam which is brought back from Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple after Makaravilakku is adorned on the Sastha murti worshipped in Perunad Sree Dharma Sastha temple. In ancient times this temple was the Keezhedam of Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple.

Kadungalloor Sree Narasimha Swamy Temple - Information - Story - Festival

Kadungalloor Sree Narasimha Swamy temple is located on the Aluva – Varapuzha road. The annual festival begins with kodiyettam on a day before Vishu in Medam month and ends seven days later. The arattu festival at Aluva manappuram is attended by hundreds of devotees. The Valiya Vilakku during the 7-day annual festival is highly auspicious – witnessing it and praying during the time will help in fulfillment of the wishes. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Narasimha and the murti is 6 feet tall. The murti has four hands. The Ugra Narasimha here is the one which is annihilating Hiranyakashipu. The sreekovil here is round in shape. The murti worshipped here is referred to as Eka Chatrapati bhavam – due to this there are no upa devatas inside the main temple. The upa devatas worshipped in the temple are Vishnu and Parthasarathy. Their small shrines are outside the main temple. The temple is noted for its unusually big Balikallu. It is believed that the middle portion of the body of

Lakshmidasa – 13th century Poet of Kerala

Lakshmidasa is the author of Sukasandesha, the earlier sandesha kavya from Kerala. Tradition makes him a member of the Namboodiri Brahmin family for Karinnempalli on the banks of Periyar River. In the Sukasandesha, the heroine belonged to the community of Nannayar, her real name was Appilla, but her stage name was Rangalakshmi. A parrot is selected as a messenger by the hero, who is the poet himself. The route described is from Rameshwaram to the heroine’s place, Trikkanamatilakam or Gunaka to the north of Kodungallur. The places in between include Rameshwaram, Manalur, Kanyakumari, Suchindram, Thiruvananthapuram, kollam, Thiruvalla, Mahodayapuram and Kodungallur. The text is important in throwing light on the social conditions, customs and manners prevalent in Kerala during that period. Discounting the element of exaggeration, which is part of all pure literature, the poem adds to our knowledge of social conditions of the time. Two line from the poem are quoted in th

Hindu Mantra For Neurosis And Schizophrenia

Neurosis and Schizophrenia is on the rise in society. This special Annapurna mantra will help in curing neurosis and schizophrenia. As per Hindu religion, diseases to the physical body are the result of karmas of the previous births. Mental diseases are due to the events in the past life. We unknowingly carry the mental impressions and disturbances of past lives into this life. Annapurna Mantra For Neurosis and Schizophrenia I’m hreem sowm sreem kleem Om namo Bhagavatyannapoorne Maambhilashitamannam Dehi Swaha ऐं ह्रीं सौं: श्रीम क्लीं  ॐ नमो भगवतयन्नपूर्णे  मामभिलषितमान्नं देहि स्वाहा  The mantra is to be chanted 108 times daily. Do not allow the mind to wander while chanting the mantra. Try to imagine your body as a drop in the ocean – your body is part of the Supreme Truth. Birth as a human being is an opportunity to escape from the impressions of previous lives. Annapoorna is the Hindu Goddess who nourishes the physical body. With her blessings one can ac

It Is Our Desires That Rob Our Peace

We lose our peace of mind from the day we are controlled by our desires. And sadly this happens early in life and it continues till we die. As we die with desires, we are reborn again and again. Desires rob us of our peace of mind while living on earth and it creates all sorts of troubles. But we do not realize it and we keep running after desires. Net result is that we are constantly in turmoil. Hardly did we get a desire fulfilled that another one has risen in the horizon. To fulfill these desires we are forced to do lot of unwanted actions. Every action creates karma. These karmas creating accumulating. Finally, we end up in a maze created by desires and we do not know the exit. We do not know how to solve the maze and is reborn again and again in it in different forms – the cycle continues. Desires harm our past, present and future. One reason for desires overpowering and controlling us is because we are always searching for joy in the outside world. We are ready to t