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Shani Dev Story

There is a very popular Shani Dev story which is associated with Shani worship and Hanuman. It is widely believed that worshiping Hindu God Hanuman will help in removing the hardships caused by Shani Bhagavan or Saturn. People worship Hanuman on Saturdays to remove the malefic influence of Sani in their horoscope. As per Hindu Astrology, bad positioning of Shani results in a difficult period in life. There is an interesting story regarding why worshipping Hanuman will help in overcoming Shani Dosha or Sade Sati. Ravan, the demon-king in Ramayana, had defeated all the Devas and had brought all the grahas (planets in astrology) under control. He kept all the grahas (planets) suppressed beneath his leg.  Ravana was also a great astrologer. When his eldest son, Indrajit, was about to be born he forcefully kept all the grahas in the most favorable astrological position. The Demigods (Devas) were worried that if Ravana’s son was born in a favorable astrological position, he wil

Paratantra In Hinduism – Complete Submission

Paratantra in Hinduism is the obedience or complete submission to a master. Implicit in this attitude is total obedience. These are the characteristics of the jivatma (individual self). This is illustrated in the Ramayana by Bharata and Lakshmana. Lord Rama fulfilled the promise given by his father to one of his wives, Kaikeyi (pitrvakyaparipalana). Thereby he was observing his samanyadharma (duty). Lakshmana accompanied Rama to the forest Dandaka (dandakaranya), declaring that he would do everything for Rama at all times by being brother and disciple. This is sesatva, a distinctive kind of behavior. Bharata was one step ahead by implicitly obeying Rama’s request to return to Nandigrama for obtaining the Paduka (sandals) of Sri Rama. A return to Ayodhya was categorically rejected by Lakshmana. Similarly, Bharata’s paratantrya (submission) is illustrated by his acceptance of consecration to become yuvarajabhisheka (heir apparent) only on rejection by Lakshmana. This is an ex

Swami Smaranananda Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Smaranananda of Ramakrishna Mission. Ask yourself whether what you are doing is selfish or selfless. This will be the criterion to judge whether what you are doing is spiritually and morally right or wrong. If peace and harmony are there the human being can evolve spiritually, which is the ultimate goal of all humanity. A little relaxation is not laziness. Actually, you should work better after a day’s relaxation. If you dedicate all your actions and the fruits of actions to God, your responsibility ends; the Lord takes them up. That is karma yoga. This way you can conquer your ego. One thinks of spiritual life when one fails to think of higher things in materialistic life, is totally wrong. One has not to fail in worldly life in order to think of God. This is a very negative attitude. The rishis were very positive. Their search was for knowing the truth behind this phenomenal world. The only way to purify the mind is to