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Difference Between Asuras and Rakshasas – Are They Not Both Demons?

To majority of Hindus and those who read Hindu scriptures and stories, Asuras and Rakshasas mean the same – they are demons. But several scholars are of the opinion that an Asura and a Rakshasa are not the same. They are different. The primary difference is that Asuras reside in the netherworld or underground and Rakshasas live on the earth. Asuras are the enemies of Devas or demigods and Rakshasa are the enemies of human beings and saints. Some scholars are also of the view that Rakshasas were the protectors of the forest and came into conflict with human beings who wanted to clear forest, cut trees and wanted to exploit the nature. It must also be noted that majority of the episodes of battle between Rakshasas and human beings take place in forest. It looks like the humans were invading their space and it is when they retaliate. Rakshasas are chiefly mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata like Tadaka, Surpanaka, Kumbhakarna, Hidimba, Ghatotkacha, Baka et

Story of Haihaya Prince and Son of Sage Tarkshya Arishtanemi – How Death is overcome by Those Following Dharma

The story of Haihaya Prince and Son of Sage Tarkshya Arishtanemi is found in the Markandeya Samasya Parva in the Mahabharata. It is a story that narrates who people who follow Dharma can overcome death. A prince of Haihayas was interested in hunting. Once while on a hunting tradition, the prince shoots an arrow on an antelope. But to his dismay he found that he had shot and killed a Sage who was wearing an antelope skin. The sorrow and remorse of the prince made him lose his senses. He reached the palace and narrated to the King of Haihayas about the sin he had committed. The entire palace was distressed. The king along with the prince then reached spot where the unfortunate incident took place. But they could no find the body of the Sage. The searched the entire forest and finally reached the ashram of Sage Tarkshya Arishtanemi. The king narrated about the incident that happened earlier on the day and now that they could not find the body of the dead Sage. Sage Tarksh

Story of Revathi - Wife Of Balarama

Revathi is the wife of Balarama, the elder brother Krishna . There is an interesting story that narrates the marriage of Balaram and Revati. Revati was born when human beings on earth were of huge size. Reva, father of Revati, wanted the best groom for his daughter. For this purpose, both father and daughter went to Brahma, the creator. The journey, the meeting and the return journey took thousand years. It must be noted here that one human year is one day for the Devas. Reva and Revati returned to earth and found that the earth has undergone sea change. Human beings were no longer of giant size. The father and daughter found themselves odd amongst human beings of shorter stature. No man was ready to marry Revati. This made the father and daughter unhappy. The father and daughter moved away from civilization and started leading a rustic life. It is said that Revati used to wrestle with animals and drink large amount of wine. Balarama too was a huge figure and he was also n

Record Book Of Sri Ram With Name Of His Devotees - Whose Name Is First

Once a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ram wanted to know who is the greatest devotee of Lord Sri Ram. During a satsang, the devotee put the question before Hanuman. Now everyone knows that Hanuman is the greatest devotee of Sri Ram but Hanuman did not want to glory himself. Therefore, he told the devotee about a big record book kept by Sri Ram having the name of his devotees. The devotee ran to Sri Ram and asked if he could take a   look at the big record book having the name of his favorite devotees. Without hesitation, Bhagavan agreed to show the big book. The devotee scanned the book in detail and soon found his name in it and was extremely happy. But soon he realized that the name of Hanuman was not in the list in the book. So he read the names in the book repeatedly. But the name of Hanuman was not there in it. The devotee returned to Hanuman and told that his name was in the book but he could not find the name of Hanuman in it. The devotee wanted to know how Lord

Annapurna Mantra For Cancer In Hindu Religion

Cancer is on the rise and today it has become a common life threatening disease. This special Annapurna mantra will help in curing of cancer. As per Hindu religion, diseases to the physical body are the result of karmas of the previous births. Disease enter the body through water, food and air. But sattvic food, clean water and pure air can also mitigate the effects of various diseases. Annapoorna is the Goddess who nourishes the physical body. With her blessings one can achieve good health. Annapurna Mantra For Cancer I’m hreem sowm sreem kleem Om namo Bhagavatyannapoorne Maambhilashitamannam Dehi Swaha ऐं ह्रीं सौं: श्रीम क्लीं  ॐ नमो भगवतयन्नपूर्णे  मामभिलषितमान्नं देहि स्वाहा  The mantra is to be chanted 108 times daily. Do not allow the mind to wander while chanting the mantra. Try to imagine your body as a drop in the ocean – your body is part of the Supreme Truth.

Sita as Daughter of Ravana – The Story of Sita Born as Daughter of Ravana

There is an interesting story mentioned in some Hindu books and folk tales that mentions Sita as the daughter of Ravana. Legend has it that Vedavati, a pious woman, wanted to marry Srihari Vishnu. To marry Vishnu, she gave up worldly life and became a hermit and built an ashram on a riverbank. Once while Vedavati was meditating on the riverbank, Ravana, the demon king, happened to see her. He was enamored by her beauty and tried to violate her. To escape from Ravan she jumped into a fire pit created for yajna. Before dying she cursed Ravana that in her next birth she will be responsible for his death. In her next birth, Vedavati was born as Ravana’s daughter. Soon after she was born, a voice from the sky warned that the baby will be responsible for her father’s death. To save his life, Ravana threw the little girl child into the sea. The child fell on the lap of sea-goddess Varuni. Goddess Varuni took the girl child to the shores and gave her to earth-goddess Prithvi.

Raksha Bandhan Thoughts and Quotes by Hindu Blog

In Hindu tradition, Raksha Bandhan is the day when sisters tie Rakhi on brothers and in return brothers promise to protect sisters against all harms. But unfortunately, we no longer find brothers coming to the defense of their sisters. More and more atrocities are being committed against sisters and not a day goes without a shameful incident. Like many other traditions, Raksha Bandhan too is reduced to a farce ritual. The true tradition of Raksha Bandhan is followed when brothers stand up for sisters in their family and in society. Sri Krishna showed the way when he came to protect Draupadi on numerous occasions. For a single piece of cloth tied by Draupadi to stop Sri Krishna’s finger from bleeding, He provided her complete protection. Dharma should be present in family and in society for a peaceful, prosperous and happy life. When sisters are physically harmed and frequent attempts made to dishonor them, society is in the grip of Adharma. In such a society no family is sa

Tat Tvam Asi Meaning – Quotes – Teaching And Story From Chandogya Upanishad

Tat Tvam Asi teaching is found in the Chandogya Upanishad and is the cornerstone of Hinduism. This universal teaching is revealed to Svetaketu by his father Uddalaka Just as the bees prepare honey by collecting the juices of all manner of trees and bring the juice to one unity, and just as the juices no longer distinctly know that the one hails from this tree, the other from that one, likewise, when all these creatures have merged with the Existent they do not know, realizing only that they have merged with the Existent. Whatever they are here on earth, tiger, lion, wolf, boar, worm, fly, gnat, or mosquito, they become that. It is this very fineness which ensouls this entire world, it is the true one, it is the soul. You are that – Tat Tvam Asi Bring me a banyan fruit. Here it is. Split it. It is split. What do you see inside it? A number of rather fine seeds. Split one of them. It is split. What do you see inside it? Nothing. This very fineness th