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Pranayama Can Change Us At The Cellular Level – Fight Cancer And Alzheimer’s

Cell biologist, Sundar Balasubramanian, points out in the Discover Magazine that the ancient yoga practice of Pranayama is about more than relaxing — it can change us at the cellular level. The study by Sundar Balasubramanian points out that increased saliva production during Pranayama has numerous benefits. Saliva has numerous antibodies and proteins that do everything from suppressing tumors to regenerating the liver. For example, it contains immunoglobulin, which are antibodies that bind to germs, as well as DMBT1, a tumor suppressor that blocks the conversion of normal cells to cancer cells.  Studies have shown that Pranayama changes the makeup of saliva by increasing the amount of nerve growth factor (NGF). When NGF is produced, it’s transported to the brain, where it signals nerve cells to grow or survive longer. Increased NGF could have a major impact on aging, and specifically on some of the degenerative diseases of the day like Alzheimer’s and cancer. Yogini Cel

Cancer In Ancient Hindu Treatment Ayurveda – Diagnosis – What Hindus Knew About Cancer?

The entire text is an edited version of article found in the Encyclopedia of Hinduism Volume III to help readers to understand about cancer and its treatment in ancient Hinduism. Cancer is spreading like wildfire and the reason for it is pollution caused by human beings. The other main culprit is the use of pesticide and chemical fertilizer in foods. Hindus need to awaken and fight against this deadly disease which is causing hardships to millions of families. To start with at least make sure that your are not giving your children vegetables and meat that are filled with pesticide and hormones. Cancer was known as arbuda in ancient Hindu treatment. It is found in the Sanskrit lexicon, Medinikosha. It is described as “that which has a fleshy outgrowth.’ Another meaning of the term is ‘a count of one hundred million.’ Arbuda is also referred to as himsa svabhava meaning of violent nature, or in this case, damaging nature. The term expresses the cancerous condition both at the macro

Symbolism Of Homa Bird As Explained By Sri Ramakrishna - Mythical Huma Bird

There is a reference of Homa bird in the sky in the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna. It is rich in symbolism and it is explained by Sri Ramakrishna in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (verse 88). The Vedas speak of the homa bird. It lives high up in the sky and there it lays its egg. As soon as the egg is laid it begins to fall; but it is so high up that it continues to fall for many days. As it falls it hatches, and the chick falls. As the chick falls its eyes open; it grows wings. As soon as its eyes open, it realizes that it is falling and will be dashed to pieces on touching the earth. Then it at once shoots up toward the mother bird high in the sky. The Huma or Homa — is a mythical bird of victory whose plume adorned the crowns of Iranian kings. This bird is an important mythological bird of Persia. It is widely mentioned in Sufi fable. The Huma is a compassionate bird, and its shadow, or tough, is auspicious. The Huma landing on a person’s head or shoulder indicates divine ap