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Important Days In A Week And Month Dedicated To Lord Ganesha

Each day in a week is dedicated to a particular deity in the Hindu pantheon. People visit the temples or offer pujas or undertake a fasting to the deity on the particular day. In a week, Tuesdays and Fridays are dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Ganesha is the god of auspiciousness, intellect and remover of obstacles and every auspicious beginning is undertaken after offering prayers to Vinayaka. Tuesdays and Fridays are considered auspicious to Ganesha throughout the Hindu world. People observe vratas on the day or visit Ganesha Shrine or make special offerings. In some regions in India, wednesday is also considered auspicious to Ganesha. Unmarried girls in South India , especially in Tamil Nadu, offer special prayers and observe a Vrata on all Tuesdays in a year to get married to a good home and to get good husbands. In some places in India , Ganesha is worshipped before sunrise on Fridays. It is believed to bring special benefits. Sankatahara Chaturthi or Sank

Panchdev Mantra – Five God Prayer in Hinduism

Panchdev mantra is dedicated to five gods in Hinduism – Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Devi (Durga) and Surya. Panchdev Mantra is a collection of five mantras and it should be chanted with Ganesha ending with Surya. The mantra is to be chanted early morning at sunrise. Mantra of Ganesha in Panchdev Smarami Gannathamanathbandhu Sindhurpurparishobhitghandyughamm Uddhanddvignparikdhandnchanddanda Makhanladisurnayakvrindvandyam श्री गणेश  मंत्र - पंचदेव मंत्र  स्मरामि गणनाथमनाथबन्धुं सिन्दूरपूरपरिशोभितगण्डयुग्मम्। उद्दण्डविघ्नपरिखण्डनचण्डदण्ड - माखण्डलादिसुरनायकवृन्दवन्द्यम्।। Mantra of Vishnu in Panchdev Smarami bavabhitimatirnasha Narayanam Garuda Vahanam Bjnabham Mahabhibhrtvarvarnamukhtihethu chakaryudham tarunvarijaptranetram श्री विष्णु मंत्र  - पंचदेव मंत्र  स्मरामि भवभीतिमहार्तिनाशं नारायणं गरुडवाहनमब्जनाभम्। महाभिभृतवरवारणमुक्तिहेतुं चक्रायुधं तरुणवारिजपत्रनेत्रम्॥ Mantra of Shiva in Panchdev Smarami bavabhitiharam Suresham Gadghadharam Vris

Story - Shani On Hanuman’s Head To Give Sade Sati – Hanuman Places A Mountain On His Head

Shani believed that he can sit on the head of all living beings on earth for 7.5 years (Sade Sati) and create problems for the beings in Kali Yuga. Hanuman is Chiranjeevi and still roams on earth. Shani one day approached Hanuman told him that he does not care if he is god, as per the rule of Kaliyuga, he had sit on Hanuman’s head for 7.5 years. Hanuman then told Shani that he resides in the feet of Lord Ram and time has no effect on him. Shani too would not have any effect on him. Shani told Hanuman that he cannot change the rules of Kali Yuga. Then, Hanuman asked where he wanted to stay in his body. Shani told Hanuman that he stays only on the head of the living being and he makes them do unwanted things that will cause problems in their life. Without waiting much, Shani entered the head of Hanuman. Hanuman felt something was itching on his head. Hanuman immediately took a small boulder and placed it on his head. Shani got crushed under the weight of t

Benefits Of Giving Roti To Cow In Hinduism

Cow symbolically represents Mother Earth in Hinduism. As per Hindu beliefs, all deities in Hindu pantheon reside in the cow – symbolically it means that all elements in the universe are present in the cow. Here is a brief look at giving roti to cow especially as part of religious activity. Feeding roti to cows in Kali Yuga is equivalent to performing rituals and havans. It helps in sin redemption and thus helping a person to attain moksha or liberation. It is believed that offering roti to cow is equivalent to offering Prasad or naivedya or bhog to all the 33 crore deities in Hinduism. It is believed that those homes in which cows are taken care of will never face poverty and financial crisis. They will always have food even during the most tiring times. Those children that are born in a family that takes care of cow will lead a peaceful and prosperous life. When giving roti on Thursday, it is good to apply bit of turmeric. Financial progress and prosperity is achieved by f

Chandan In Hinduism – Importance Of Sandalwood In Hindu Religion

Chandan, the fragrant wood (chandanam), is sacred in Hinduism. Chandan word is derived from the Sanskrit root Cadi, meaning ‘to delight’ or ‘that which delights.’ Importance of sandalwood in Hindu religion can be gauged from the fact that it is also known as Bhadra Shri – auspicious and delightfully great. The chandan tree is believed to have its origin in the historically and mythologically famous southern Indian mountain called Malaya. It is on this account that chandana is called malayaja (born in the Malaya). The breeze blowing from the Malaya mountains (Malayamarutham) is believed to be cool and fragrant. As per Puranas, Chandana used by the gods in heaven is called Harichandana and that used by humans in the service of gods is called Srichandana. Devout Hindus worship murtis of gods and goddesses with five offerings daily which consists of anointing the murti with gandha (fragrant) substances, waving dhoopa (incense), offering pushpa (flowers) or flower garlands,

Sen Jayanti 2023 Importance – Sen Samaj

Sen Jayanti is associated with the Sen Samaj and is observed on the 12 th day of the Krishna Paksha of Vaishakh month (12 th day during the waning phase of moon). Sen Jayanti 2023 date is April 17. It is believed that Guru Sen Bhagat (Sri Sant Shiromani bhakt Senaji Maharaj) appeared on the day. Special programs are organized on the day by the Sen Samaj – which includes helping the poor, satsang etc. Processions, prayer meetings, food donation are also part of the Jayanti celebrations. Protection of cow and nature is another important activity on the day. Sen Bhagat was an inspirational leader and Guru who helped the community in attaining the much needed unity and progress. He created an environment in which the community could find their own inspiration and self respect. He interacted with all the people without showing any fear or favor. All were equal for him. His sole aim was to enhance the growth and development of the Sen Samaj. He taught the lessons of trut

Shirdi Sai Baba – Sayings - Wisdom - Gyan

This is a collection of sayings, wisdom and gyan of Shirdi Sai Baba. If one meditates on Me with truthful urge, he can know Me. To such a person, I shall grant not only the vision of My physical body but also take him to greater spiritual heights and make him eligible to receive the vision and blessings of Siddha Purusha (God-realized Soul).” I am Divinity personified and all-pervasive. According to the needs of My devotees, I grant them the visions of Myself in different physical forms. Fort this, spiritual practice (Sadhana) is essential. I am immortal. The primary duty of My Avatar is to provide My devotees all their requirements in this world and that beyond. If you worship Me, I will make you unambitious. Do not fight with anyone. Do not retaliate nor scandalize anyone. When anyone talks of you, that is, against you, pass on unperturbed. His words cannot pierce into your body. Other’s acts will effect them alone and not you. Discrimination is the touch ston