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Chakra Bheda in Yoga – Activates Closed Lotuses In Body

Chakra bheda is opening and activation of the lotuses in our body as per Hatha Yoga. It is part of advanced hatha yogic practices. Chakra literally means a circle. In hatha yoga, it means a lotus. Six lotuses are said to lie along the path of the spinal cord (Sushumna nadi), which extends from the genitals up to the head. These lotuses are closed and inactive in most people. Chakra Bheda means their opening and becoming active. This is achieved through an intense practice of hatha yoga, especially the second and the third parts, namely, pranayama and mudras thorugh the arousal of the dormant kundalini. It is said in Hatha Yoga Pradipika (III 2-3) that “after its arousal, the kundalini pierces through the lotuses and knots, and rising up into the head, merges with Shiva in the thousand-petalled lotus. As described in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a prolonged practice of breath-control and mudras leads to kevala kumbhaka, which arouses the dormant kundalini. The adept

Surya Siddhi Mantra – Special Sunday Mantra Dedicated To Surya

Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya in Hinduism. Surya, the sun god, is the visible god in Hinduism (pratyaksha Brahman). This special Surya Siddhi Mantra is beneficial for all those people looking to discover hidden talent in them. Surya mantras are usually chanted early morning on Sunday. Surya Siddhi Mantra Om Adideva Namastubhyam Saptsapte Divakar Tvam Rave Taraya Swasmansmatsamsar Sagarat ॐ आदिदेव नमस्तुभ्यं सप्तसप्ते दिवाकर। त्वं रवे तारय स्वास्मानस्मात्संसार सागरात ।। How To Chant Surya Siddhi Mantra? Wake up before sunrise on a Sunday. Take bath and wear orange color dress. Sit or stand facing the rising sun. Offer water to Surya Chant the mantra 108 times. On the day plant a tree and water it daily. The mantra should be chanted for 7 or 21 Sundays. Surya Siddhi Mantra Benefits Will help in sharpen intelligence. Will help the mind to focus and not to wander around. Will help in discovering hidden talent. Good for students and job seek

Sunday Fasting in Hinduism Dedicated to Hindu God Surya - Ravivar Vrat:

Ravivar, or Sunday, is dedicated to Lord Surya or Suryanarayana. Upvaas or fasting on the day is dedicated to the Sun God. Red is the color of the day. The vrat is observed for overcoming troubles related to skin. It is also observed for getting blessings in new ventures. Ravivar Vrat Mantra Om Guni - Surya Aditya ॐ घूणि: सूर्य आदित्‍य: The mantra is to be chanted 108 times in the morning facing the rising sun. Those people who undertake fast on the day only eat food once that too before sunset. Salt, oil and fried food items are avoided. Red color flowers are offered while praying. Red color sandalwood paste is applied as tilak on forehead. Extra care is given on cleanliness of the body and surrounding. It is believed that Ravivar Vrat will help in fulfilling desires. People with skin diseases observe the Vrat to get relief. Many devotees also give alms on the day. The vrat is to be kept for 7 sundays or 21 sundays. Other Important Ritu

Hindu Quotes on Life - Happy - Peaceful - Chapter VIII Bhagavad Gita

Below are Hindu Quotes from Bhagavad Gita for a Happy and Peaceful Life. The Bhagavad Gita specifies twenty values in Chapter XIII (8 to 12) of which even a couple of them are followed one’s life will surely become happy and peaceful. Amanitvam - Humility. Adambhitvam - Without pride Ahimsa - Non-violence. Kshanti - Tolerance. Arjavam - Simplicity. Acaryopasanam - Service to the teacher. Saucam - Cleanliness (internal and external). Sthairyam - Steadfastness. Atma vinigraha – Self-control. Vairagyam – Renunciation. Anahankara - Absence of ego. Janmamrityu jaravyadhi duhkha dosa anudarsanam - Reflection of the sufferings of life-death, old age-disease, and distress. Asakti - Non-attachment. Anabhisvanga putradaragrhadishu - Detachment towards son and wife. Nityam samacittatvam istanistopapattishu - Equanimity amidst pleasant and unpleasant happenings. Mayi ca ananyayogena bhaktih avyabhicarini - Constant and unalloyed devotion towards God. Vivikta desa sevitvam - Lo