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Before Dying Ravana Became Guru of Sri Ram - Story

After hit by an arrow of Bhagavan Sri Ram, Ravana lies on the battlefield wounded. Hanuman then reminds Sri Ram that in spite all his follies, Ravana was a great scholar and his knowledge should not be lost forever. Both Sri Ram and Lakshman went to a dying Ravana to learn from him. They wanted to make the demon king their Guru. An arrogant Lakshman first approached Ravana and stood near his head and demanded that he share his knowledge with the victors as they will use it for the good of his people. But Ravana did not speak. Then Bhagavan Sri Ram approached Ravana. Kneeled near the feet of Ravan and offered his respects. Sri Ram said that He had to take the life Ravana because He had to protect His wife as it was His Dharma. He also said that He respected the scholar in Ravana and would be great if he shared his knowledge as it will be of great use to the world. Bhagavan Sri Ram’s humility pleased Ravana and accepted him as his pupil. Thus Ravana became the Guru of Sr

Samartha Ramdas Swami Jayanti – Birth Anniversary of Samartha Ramdas

Sri Ramdas, popular known as Samarth Ramdas, was a Marathi saint and poet in the 17th century. His birth anniversary is observed in Chaitra month on Ram Navami. Samartha Ramdas Swami Jayanti 2023 date is March 30. Sri Ramdas was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman and he turned to spirituality at a very young age. Sri Ramdas was a gifted poet and his short poems contain universal truth and are pregnant with meaning. He is believed to have greatly influenced Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Sri Ramdas inspired and motivated his generation to rise against the foreign oppressors and also stimulated the thoughts of self realization. His life, writings and poems continues to inspire Marathis and all those who had the opportunity to read his immortal literary works. Samartha Ramdas Swami Jayanti is annually observed on Chaitra Shukla Paksha Navami Tithi or the ninth day during the waxing phase of moon in Chaitra month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed

Adityas in Hinduism - Importance - Twelve Adityas

Adityas in Hinduism means Surya (Sun God) for many. But this is not so. The sons of Sage Kashyapa and Aditi are known as Adityas. The word Adityas means ‘whose mother is Aditi.’ Usually there are twelve Adityas. But some scriptures give the number as Seven and some give the number as Eight. Twelve Adityas Dhata, Mitra, Aryama, Rudra, Varuna, Surya, Bhaga, Vivasvan, Pusha, Savita, Tvasta and Vishnu. Valmiki Ramayana (Aranya Kanda) and Mahabharata (Adi Parva) state that besides the twelve sons Aditi had 21 children. Thus Aditi had 33 children (12 + 21). From the 33 sons of Aditi were born the thirty three crore devatas. Of these the eldest is Indra and youngest is Vamana. Scholars are of the view that there are many different Adityas in Rig Veda. The most important Aditya in the Rig Veda is Varuna. Many Adityas were merged with Surya or Indra or Shiva. Adityas in Bhagavad Gita Adityas is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, especially while describing the cosmic form of Bha

Aja in Hindu Religion - Unborn Or Eternal

Aja is a term frequently used in Hindu scriptures. When used as a name in Hindu Religion it means unborn or eternal. Thus Aja is one of the names of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Surya and Krishna . Aja is also used to refer to Bija or Seed. Aja is also the combined name given to a group of sages who obtained moksha through self discipline. This is mentioned by Yudhisthira in the Mahabharata in the Shanti Parva. Aja also means goat and is the vehicle of Agni, the Hindu god of fire. Aja is a male Goat. In Rig Veda, the animal is associated with Pushan. Aja is also one of the kings who ruled Ayodhya. He is the grand father of Sri Ram and father of Dasharatha. Numerous other deities, demi gods and demons are also called as Aja.

Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra Benefits

Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra is associated with the famous Mahamrityunjaya mantra associated with Shiva. The main benefit of worshipping the Yantra is health related. The belief is that people who wear the Yantra will have no fear of death. Worship of it also brings relief to people suffering from various serious diseases. Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra is visual form of the mantra and the power of the mantra is captured in it. This Yantra is best worshipped at home. The ideal metal used to make the Yantra is copper. It is also available in gold, bhojpatra, silver and brass. Some people also worship by taking a copy of it in paper. 

Swamini Vimalananda Quotes And Teachings

A collection of thoughts, teachings and quotes of Swamini  Vimalananda –  associated with the Chinmaya Mission We call actions thoughtless, indifferent, half hearted, distracted, mechanical, well planned, focused, kind, cruel etc. depending on the emotions and thoughts behind them. The namaskara of an airhostess is often called mechanical, the handshake of a diplomat formal, the promises of a politician false, etc. Such actions lack the right emotions and thought behind them. They are therefore devoid of true or good essence.   We call the smile of a child genuine, the words of a saint touching or the masterpiece of an artist inspired, for these actions have in them the essence of truth, goodness or appropriateness. Such actions or conduct backed by the right emotions and thoughts is called Sadachara. Meditation is prescribed as a balm to remove all the stress and strain of life. Even though the Truth, the self, is self-evident we are unable to realize the same du