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Story Sri Ramanujacharya - A Hungry Man – His Children and Srirangam Ranganatha

During the days of Sri Ramanujacharya in Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple, there was a poor hungry man. Like Kuchela he had many children. This simple man used to go out for alms. Sometimes he would get plenty for all the family to eat and on some occasions he would get very little and the children only will be fed. The parents would remain without eating. He had very great faith in Srirangam Ranganatha and would worship him daily, and used to visit Sri Ramanujacharya’s mutt to have his darshan and remain contented. It is however difficult to expect his many children to have the same attitude. They remained a crowd of hungry children. The children used to visit the temple during puja time and whatever prasadam (temple food) was given, they used to grab them. When these children came, it was a problem for the man distributing the prasadam. The children used to trouble him much. It was so annoying that the temple servants, one day reported the matter to Ramanujacharya.

Annual Mata Hinglaj Yatra and Mela in Pakistan

Annual Mata Hinglaj Yatra in Pakistan is taken to the mountain cave Hinglaj on the Makran coast in the Lyari district of Balochistan. The annual Mata Hinglaj Yatra and Mela in Pakistan will be observed on the first fortnight of April. Goddess Hinglaj Ma is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti. A mela or fair is organized on the occasion. The popular belief is that when Lord Vishnu cut the body of Goddess Sati – to stop Shiva’s lament after Sati’s death – part of her head fell at Hinglaj or Hingula. Thus this is one among the 51 Shaktipeeths. The annual Hinglaj Mata yatra and mela is conducted by the Hinglaj Seva Mandali (HSM). In India, Hinglaj Mata is widely worshipped in Gujarat, Rajasthan and parts of Maharashtra.

Five Holy Lakes in Hinduism

The five holy lakes in Hinduism are spread across India and one is outside India. The five holy lakes are: Pushkar in Rajasthan Kailsah Mansarovar in Tibet Narayan Sarovar in Gujarat Pampa Sarovar in Hampi Bindu Sarovar in Sidhpur, Gujarat Pushkar in Rajasthan The Pushkar Lake is associated with Brahma. Brahma, the creator, in Hinduism performed an yajna here. The lake was formed when a lotus flower fell from the hands of Brahma. The greatness of it is mentioned in the Padma Purana. The lake is mentioned in the Ramayana. Sage Vishwamitra performed austerities here. Bhagavan Sri Ram is believed to have performed the Shradh of his father Dasharata here. An important temple dedicated to Lord Brahma is located here. It is also one among the Pancha Teerth in Hinduism. Taking holy dip here washes away sins of this and previous births. There are 52 ghats and numerous temples around Pushkar Lake. The annual fair here is held from Kartik Shukla Paksha Ekadasi to Purni