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Story on the Importance of Satsang – the friendship of Truth

Vishvamitra Rishi and Sage Vasishtha once had an argument. Vishvamitra Rishi said to Sage Vasishtha that tapas, or intense meditation on the Supreme Truth is greater than anything else in this world. Vasishta did not agree and said that that Satsanga – the company of truth (in the company of those who have realized truth) – was superior to Tapas. The argument continued for a while and finally they decided to approach to Brahma to decide which was great Tapas or Satsang. Brahma directed them to Shiva as he was not able to give them a proper answer. Shiva directed them to Vishnu as he was not interested in this argument. Vishnu too found no interest in the argument and directed them to Adi Sesha. Adi Sesha, the thousand-headed snake on whom Srihari Vishnu reclines, was ready to settle the argument. As per Hindu tradition it is believed that Adi Sesha holds the weight of the earth on his thousand heads. So before settling the dispute, He asked Vishvamitra Rishi and Sage Vasish

Goddess Vimala in Puri Jagannath Temple

Goddess Vimala worshipped in Puri Jagannath Temple is part of tantric worship. Certain tantric school considers Lord Jagannatha as Bhairava. Goddess Vimala is considered as Bhairavi of Jagannath. Goddess Vimala is a manifestation of Dakshina Kalika. Temple dedicated to Goddess Vimala is located at the left side of the main Puri Jagannath Temple. Animal sacrifice used to be offered to Her three times in a year.

Story of the Birth or Origin of Goddess Durga as per Hindu Scriptures

Many people want to know the story of the birth or origin of Goddess Durga in Hindu scriptures. It must be noted that Goddess Durga is the one without birth or death. Only She exists – all animate and inanimate beings are like bubbles in ocean. Goddess Durga appeared in a form (which is wrongly called as birth or origin) to help his devotees. Story of Origin of Goddess Durga Mahishasura acquired innumerable power through boons and defeated the gods and the demons. He attacked the heaven and captured it and made ‘devas’ his slaves. He proclaimed that he is now Indra – the lord of the gods. The gods led by Brahma approached Vishnu and Shiva and appraised them of the situation. The actions of Mahishasura caused intense anger in the Trimurtis. The anger emerging out of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva combined to the take the shape of a terrible form and this was Durga. The Human Form of Goddess Durga It is said that the flames of fire that gushed out of the eyes of the Trimur

Ulta Hanuman Mandir at Sanwer near Ujjain – Hanuman Idol is Upside Down Here

Ulta Hanuman Mandir located at Sanwer, around 30 km south of Ujjain, is famous for a Hanuman murti (idol) which is upside down. The devotees who visit the temple are full of stories of desire fulfillment, relief to health issues and family problems. Picture of Ulte Hanuman It is a swamyambhu murti - that which appeared due to divine providence. Story of Ulta Hanuman Mandir The story of Ulta Hanuman Mandir is associated with Ahiravana. The popular belief is that Hanuman went to the netherworld ( Patal loka) from the spot where the Ulta Hanuman murti is located. Ahiravana had kidnapped Bhagvan Sri Ram and Lakshman and taken them to the Patal Lok. Hanuman went to the underworld and rescued the brothers by annihilating the demon. The Temple People visit the temple for three or five Tuesdays continuously for peace and prosperity in life. The belief is that even the most difficult problems in life will be solved after having darshan of Hanuman here for five Tuesdays. Th

Swan Symbolism in the Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Who may be called a paramahamsa? He who, like a swan, can take the milk from a mixture of milk and water, leaving aside the water. He who, like an ant, can take the sugar from a mixture of sugar and sand, leaving aside the sand. Again, the world is a mixture of milk and water, the bliss of God-Consciousness and the pleasure of sense-enjoyment. Be a swan and drink the milk, leaving the water aside. If you put a mixture of milk and water before the swan, it will leave the water and drink only the milk. Haven’t you noticed the gait of a swan? It goes straight ahead in one direction. So it is with genuine devotees: they go toward God alone. They seek nothing else; they enjoy nothing else. A Paramahamsa is always conscious that God alone is real and all else illusory. Only the swan has the power to separate milk from a mixture of milk and water. The swan’s tongue secretes an acid that separates the milk from the mixture. The Paramahamsa also possesses such a juice; it is his ec