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Bindu in Hinduism – the concept

Bindu is translated as a drop or dot. In appearance, it is a dot but in Hindu teachings it represents that which has no limits or boundaries; the timeless – the source of all manifestation. Like many teachings in Hinduism, the concept of Bindu needs to be realized by a devotee. Words cannot fully convey the concept. Bindu has numerous, meanings and definition in Tantrism. It is also equated with the Mother Goddess in certain school of teaching. Thus Bindu is Devi – the eternal source – from which everything appears and in which everything merges. Bindu also denotes the source of the sacred sound – OM – that reverberates across the galaxies. Certain Yantras and other ritual patterns have a Bindu at their center. The significance of it varies from patterns to patterns. For some Bindu represents individual soul. For some Bindu is the infinite on which they can meditate.

Maruts or Marutas in Hindu Tradition

Maruts or Marutas in Rig Veda are the Gods associated with wind and storm in Rig Veda. They accompany Indra, the king of Devas. In Puranas, Maurts are the sons of Sage Kashyapa and Diti. In Vedas, Maruts are said to be 7, 27, 29 or 180 in number. They along with Indra wreak havoc on Earth by throwing thunderbolts, churning up huge storms and creating earthquakes. They were propitiated for a peaceful life on Earth. Thus Maruts personify natural calamities that caused trouble to human beings on earth. In Puranas also Marutas are associated with Indra. Sage Kashyapa had two wives Aditi and Diti. Pleased with Aditi, Sage Kashypa blessed her with a son – Indra . Now Diti grew jealous of Aditi and demanded an equally radiant son from Sage Kashyapa. Sage Kashyapa promised her a son equal to Indra. As Diti advanced in her pregnancy, she became more beautiful and radiant. Aditi grew jealous. She thought that her son Indra will be relegated by the son of Diti. So she asked Ind

Parad Shivling - Benefits and Significance of Mercury Shivling Worship

Parad Shivling is made from mercury. Mercury when purified and brought to a solid state is called the Paras Mani (Mercury).  As per Holy Scriptures, Parad Shivling is a Mahalinga and has a distinctive spherical shape. Solidification of mercury is a difficult process and this makes the Shivling unique. Science of mercury solidification has been known to  India  for 7,000 years, since the time of the Indo-Saraswati civilization. Temples Where Parad Shivling is Worshipped Earth Peace Temple at Sinhagad, Pune Parad or Mercury Shivling in Haridwar – Paradeshwar Mahadev at Harihar Ashram in Kankhal Can Parad Shivling be Worshipped at Home Yes it can be worshipped at home but make sure you are buying Parad Shivling. There are many people today claming they are selling parad Shivling but there is no test done to prove whether the claim is true or false. Is Parad Shivling different from other Shivling like Narmada or Stone Shivling From the point of devotion,