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Vindhyavasini Chalisa - Meaning and English Translation

The forty couplets (chaalisa) dedicated to Goddess Vindhyeshwari are highly powerful and it is believed that whoever recites it regularly will be blessed by Ma Vindhyavasini ( Mirzapur  Vindhyavasini Temple) . It can be sung as a bhajan during the worship of Goddess Durga. Namo Namo Vindhyeshwari Namo Namo Jagdamba Sant janon ke kaj men karati nahin vilamh I salute to Shree Vindhyeshwari, I salute to Shree Jagdamba who never delay in fulfilling noble peoples desires Jai Jai Jai Vindhyachal rani Adi Shakti jad vidita Bhavani Victory, Victory, Victory to Shree Vindhyachal Rani and who is the Primal Power and known in the world by the name of Bhavani Sinha Vahini Jai Jag Mata Jai Jai Jai Tribhuvan sukhdata Victory to the Mother of the World whose vehicle is the lion. Victory to the Mother providing solace to the entire World. Kasht nivarani Jai Jag Devi Jai Jai Jai Asurasur sevi Victory to the Goddess of the World who removes al

Story of Origin of Jhelum River in Hinduism | Birthday of River Vitasta or Jhelum in Kashmir

The birthday of River Vitasta or Jhelum is celebrated annually by Kashmiri Pandits. The birth date of Vitasta River is known as ‘Veth Truvaha’ and the celebrations take place at Om Vethvathur (Verinag) in Annatnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. As per the stories in Hinduism, Goddess Parvati appeared as Vitasta River on the 13th day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrapad (August - September). Story of Origin of Jhelum River in Hinduism According to Nilamata Purana, Sage Kashyap in order to save the people from a water demon drained the lakes. The demon was killed but due to the draining of water bodies the present day region of Kashmir faced severe drought. People approached Sage Kashyap to find a way to get water as the drought was getting severe and more fatal than the attack of water demon.  Sage Kashyap prayed to Lord Shiva for a river which will be immune to demons and which will have good clean water. Lord Shiva agreed and he struck the ground near his abod

Kanya Rashi Lucky Number

What is the lucky number of Kanya Rashi born people? The benefits of lucky number include progress and change in luck. Kanya rashi lucky number is four. The people born in the rashi should buy car, bike or scooter having number four in it or when added the total should be four. Buying shop number 4 is good for the Kanya Rashi people. Similarly, buying flat or plot having number four is good. Having mobile number with number 4 is good for the people. Lighting four-wick lamp on birthday is good for Kanya Rashi. Offer a garland made of four peepal leaves to Hanuman to overcome all forms of troubles in life. Offer four bananas to Vishnu and offer prayers. Later give the banana to a cow.

Kamakshi Temple at Goa – Shiroda Kamakshi Devi Temple

The 16th century Kamakshi Temple is located at Shiroda Village in South Goa and is around 12 km from Ponda and 22 km from Margao. The Kamakshi Temple complex is locally known as Sthal or Thal and the entrance is through huge Mahadwar or temple gate. Maa Kamakhya of Assam and Goddess Kamakshi The widespread belief is that the murti of Mother Goddess Kamakshi worshipped in the Shiroda temple came from Assam and she is a manifestation of Goddess Kamakhya, who is worshipped the world famous Kamakhya Mandir in Guwahati. History of the Temple The original Shri Kamakshi temple was located in Raia village in Salcete. As Portuguese were destroying Hindu temples, potter community of Raia Village moved the deity to Shiroda. The temple was again moved to Thal in Shiroda to stay out of sight of the Portuguese. Story of Goddess Kamakshi in Goa A Brahmin boy of Raia village once went to the forest to collect grass for his father’s pujas and rituals. The boy was swallowed by demo