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How to Prepare Sweet Karadai Dish for Savitri Nombu?

Karadai Nonbu takes its name from the unique dish ‘Kara Adai’ prepared during Savithri nombu or Karadaiyan Nombhu. The dish ‘Kara Adai’ is cooked especially during the Karadai fast. It is eaten to break the fast observed by married women. The recipe is quite simple and it is believed that Savitri prepared this dish and offered it to God as a thanksgiving for sparing her husband’s life. There are two types of Karadai preparation – sweet and savory. You can read the recipe to cook white karadai or uppu kara adai here. Ingredients Two cups of rice flour ¼ cup of Karamani (Cowpeas) Grated Jaggery 1 cup or same about of solid jaggery (You can lessen it if you want it to be less sweet) ¼ cup slit small coconut pieces or ¼ cup of grated coconut ½ tsp cardamom powder Preparation of Sweet Kara Adai Roast the rice flour – stop when it is off white to light brown color. The consistency should be like the rice powder used for drawing kolams. Once roas

How to Perform Kamdev Puja? – Mantra – Puja Vidhi – Procedure – Benefits

Worship of Kamdev is performed for achieving success in love and romance related matters. It also helps in attraction and improving love and sex in marriage. Below is a detail account of how to perform Kamdev puja along with detail puja vidhi, mantra, complete procedure and benefits of the puja. The puja can be performed at home. Kamdev, also known as Manmatha or Manmadan, is the Hindu god of love. Benefits of Kamdev Worship and Mantra Helps in desire fulfillment of matters related to love, romance and sex. Improvement in relationship with spouse. There will be positive development in marriage related matters. For getting loving husband or wife. For beauty and good appearance. Attraction. Change of luck. When is Kamdev Puja Performed? On Holi festival day, on Shukla Paksha Dwadashi or  Shukla Paksha Trayodashi tithi during the 12th or 13th day during the waxing phase of moon of a Hindu lunar month. The puja is highly beneficial when performed during the Sh

Spiritual Practices Have Changed Over The Ages In Hinduism

Satya Yuga - we find the rishis immersed in meditation. Treta Yuga  - we find people practicing sacrifices and expecting boons from gods and goddesses. Dvapara Yuga – we find people practicing severe austerities to attain desire fulfillment. In this Kali Yuga , however, only pure love and devotion are needed. Chanting god’s name is the main spiritual discipline. Truthfulness is austerity in this age. If one practices the truth, that is enough. Charity is the path of the Kali Yuga. Give in charity, and charity will purify your mind. In this Kali Yuga, chanting the name of the Lord is very helpful, says the Chaitanya Charitamrita: “In this age of Kali there is no other means, no other means for self-realization than chanting the holy name, chanting the holy name of Lord Hari. ’ In this Kali Yuga, chanting the Lord’s names is the spiritual discipline. Source -  Prabuddha Bharata January 2016