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Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji Mela 2024 in Jalandhar - Mohindru Bahri Biradari

Shree Siddh Baba Keshav Nath Ji is the Guru of the Mohindru Bahri Biradari community. The Samadhi Sthal of the great Guru of the community is located at Jalandhar in Punjab. Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji Mela 2024 date is February 19. The annual festival and fair attracts thousands of devotees. History of Shree Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji Mohindru Bahri Biradari community found it difficult to make living in the present day Sirsa region. The community relocated to the present day Jalandhar with the blessing of Shri Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji. Baba Ji built a small ashram here and advised the community. Through his advice and blessing the community prospered and finally settled in Jalandhar and flourished. Shri Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji performed intense penance for the welfare of the community in the present day Samadhi Sthal. Magh Shukla Paksha Dasami Tithi Mela Charan Paduka – the holy footprints of Shri Sidh Baba Keshav Nath Ji – is worshipped here. Devotees find

Importance of Kuldevta and Kuldevi Puja in Hinduism

The concept of Kuladevata and Kuldevi is an essential part of Hinduism. Puja of Kuldevta and Kuldevi helps in avoiding all forms of untoward incidents in life. They also bless their descendants. All Hindu families are descendants of a particular Rishi (ancient sage who were the mind born sons of Brahma). Hindus come to know about their gotra through the name of the Rishi. The Rishi is their Kuladevata and the wife of the Rishi is their Kuldevi. Another form of Kuladevata and Kuldevi Puja is by identifying with a God and Goddess. An ancestor starts worshipping a particular form of God and Goddess mainly after receiving blessings from the deity. The descendants then continue to worship the particular deity. This concept is more prevalent in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.  Identifying Kuladevata and Kuldevi with Hindu gods and goddesses is more in vogue today. Benefits of Kuladevata and Kuldevi Puja The main benefit of the puja is that Kul

Chaitanya in Hinduism

Chaitanya is pure consciousness. As per Hinduism, it is the essence of Brahman. It is the energy that lies at the root of all motion and change in nature. It is the real self or ‘I.’ It is the potency that is present in all animate and inanimate. It is there everywhere and yet it does not lose its identity and unity. Chaitanya is self illuminating and self illumined. 

Nandipada in Hinduism

Nandipada, or hoof of a bull, resembles the Brahmi letter ‘ma.’ It frequently occurs in inscriptions in all parts of India. It is part of epigraphy in Hinduism. ‘Ma’ the first letter of the word ‘mangala’ means auspicious or festive. The symbol is also found in Buddhist monuments. It is found on the arches and toronas in ancient structures.