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Karukaputhur Ekadasi – Karukaputhur Sree Narasimha Moorthy Temple Ekadasi

Karukaputhur Ekadasi festival is observed annually in Makaram month at the Karukaputhur Sree Narasimha Moorthy Temple. The shrine is located at Karukaputhur in Thrissur District. The temple is around 12 km from Pattambi. Karukaputhur Sree Narasimha Moorthy Temple Ekadasi 2023 date is February 1. This ancient shrine is dedicated to the Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu. The Ekadasi is observed on the Shukla Paksha Ekadasi day in Makaram month. Special rituals are observed on the day in this ancient shrine. The temple is decorated traditionally with flowers, leaves, coconut fronds, banana leaves and plantain. The ekadasi is observed after the Amavasya in Makaram month. (Shukla Paksha Ekadasi in Makaram month).

Kadavallur Ekadasi 2024 Date - Kadavallur Sree Rama Temple Festival

Kadavallur Ekadasi is observed annually in Makaram month at the Kadavallur Sree Rama Swami Temple.The shrine is located at Kadavallur in Thrissur District and is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Ram. The temple is around 11 km from Kunnamkulam. Kadavallur Ekadasi 2024 date is January 21. The annual ten-day festival ends on Pooyam nakshatra in  Medam month. The festival end with Arattu on pooyam nakshatra in Meda masam.  Kadavallur Ekadasi is observed on the Shukla Paksha Ekadasi day in Makaram month. Special rituals are observed on the day in this ancient shrine.  Bhagavan Sree Rama is worshipped in the temple in three forms. In the morning, Bhagavan is worshipped as his form during exile period. At noon while building Rama Sethu bridge to cross to Lanka. This is a fierce form of Sri Rama as he is angry at Varuna the sea god. In the evening, as the King of Ayodhya. The main offering the temple is Appam and Payasam. The main murti of Sri Rama worshipped in the temple is nearly six f

Bhoumi Ekadashi February 2023

Bhoumi Ekadashi is observed in the Shukla Paksha of Magha Month in Odisha during the waxing phase of the moon. Bhoumi Ekadasi is of great significance at the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri. In 2023, the date of Bhoumi Ekadasi is February 1. This Ekadasi is also observed as Jaya Ekadasi and Bhishma Ekadashi by other Hindu communities. Special pujas and rituals dedicated to Lord Jagannath are held on Bhoumi Ekadashi. It is an auspicious day at all Jagannath temples around the world. Ekadasi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and it falls on the on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight in traditional Hindu calendar. Vishnu devotees fast on the day and some devotees keep vigil during night. You may also like to read Ekadasi Food – What food can be eaten during Ekadashi fasting

Kotharjai Devi – Information About Hindu Goddess Kotharjai Devi

Goddess Kotharjai Devi, also referred as Ma Kotharjai, is a manifestation of Mother Goddess and is worshipped mainly in Maharashtra. She is a village deity. The main temples dedicated to the Goddess are located in Pune District in Maharashtra. Goddess Kotharjai Devi is a kind form of Goddess Shakti. She showers motherly love on her children. The murti or idol of Kotharjai Devi symbolizes kinds and motherly affection. She is worshipped for peace, prosperity, protection, good agriculture, healthy children, early cure of diseases and for victory over enemies. A main attraction of the murti is the large eyes. Her hands are in blessing posture. She is dressed like a Marathi woman. Kotharjai Devi removes darkness caused by Adharma. She upholds righteousness by protecting those who practice Dharma.

Powerful Shiva Mantra to Overcome All Problems in Life

If you have attempted numerous solutions and if you are yet to find an answer to problems in your life, then it is time you tried this particular Shiva mantra. A mantra is effective when you use it in the right way. Mantra should be chanted with full concentration. Your mind should never wander. Such intense should be the concentration that you should not even notice a raging bull coming towards you. Mantras contain secret energy, which helps in alleviating all forms of negative energy. The following mantra is very powerful and it should be chanted while offering sweet fragrance to Shiva. The mantra is: ॐ  नमः श्वभ्यः श्वपतिभ्यश्च वो नमो नमो भवाय च रुद्राय च नमः। शर्वाय च पशुपतये च नमो नीलग्रीवाय च शितिकण्ठाय च॥ The mantra should be chanted morning and evening daily for 108 days.