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Position of Family Photo in House – Vastu Tips

Many Hindu homes display family photo in the living room of the house. As per Vastu there is a particular direction in which the photo should be kept. The ideal position of family photo in a house is on the southwest direction. Opt for the southwest wall to keep the family photo. The main benefit of keeping family photo in the correct vastu direction is that there will be unity in the family. Family members will take care of each other and there will be peace and prosperity. Always opt for colorful and happy photos. The frames should be colorful. Opt for color photos instead of black and white. Make sure all family members are present in the photo.

Keeping Coins in North or South Direction – Vastu Tips

Keeping a metal bowl especially of copper or bronze filled with coins in north or south direction of house or shop, factory, or other business establishment is considered highly beneficial from vastu point. Both these directions are associated with leadership. What kind of coins should be kept? The coins that should be put in the bowl or vessel should be made of metal. No plastic materials should be used. The ideal option is to collect old coins as so of them were made using pure metals. The vessel should be made of iron, steel, bronze or copper. Benefits The main benefit is that there will be peace and prosperity in the house. There will be constant flow of wealth. Ideal to overcome financial troubles.

Vatuka Bhairava – About Vatuka Bhairava Form of Shiva

Vatuka Bhairava is the child form of Bhairava – Shiva. In Vatuka form, Bhairavnath is childlike and is innocent witness to happenings in the world. Vatuka form is used to visualize and symbolically represent the one pure atman. Vatuka Bhairava is also known as Gora Bhairava – he is white in complexion – gentle. This child form of Shiva is sometimes shown as holding a head. This head symbolizes the ego or aham. It is also the fifth head of Brahma that Shiva as Bhairava removed. The head also represents Adharma or those that desire to dominate living beings and the world. Vatuka Bhairava is represented as a child with four arms. One arms holds the head of Brahma. Another holds the damaru. The third hand holds a small mace and the fourth is in blessing posture. A dog follows him constantly. 

Navagraha Guru Mantra – Benefits and How to Chant

Navagraha Guru Mantra should be chanted by those people who are having Guru related problems in the horoscope (janam kundli or jatakam). It is also an ideal mantra to chant if you are facing financial problems. Below is the mantra benefits and on how to properly chant the mantra. Navagraha Guru Mantra ग्रीम ॐ गुरूणां गुरवे नमः   Greem om Gurunaam Gurave Namah Benefits of Navagraha Guru Mantra Change of luck. End of poverty. Wealth and property related matters will be resolved. Legal decision in your favor regarding financial and property matters. Good for those searching for a new job. How to chant the Navagraha Guru Mantra? Chant the mantra on Thursday. Take bath in the morning and wear yellow color clothes. Sit facing east, north or northeast. Offer prayers to Ganesh in mind. Light a lamp using cow ghee. Meditate for few minutes. Chant the mantra 108 times. To keep count use a chandan mala. Keep some uncooked rice mixed with turmeric near the l

Offering Turmeric On Shivling - Reason - How To - Mantra To Be Chanted

Turmeric on Shivling is offered to achieve financial progress. It is performed when there is money related problems in life or family. It is believed in some regions that offering turmeric on Shivling will help in solving all wealth related issues and there will be peace and prosperity in life. Turmeric is offered in two forms one in powdered and one in whole form. Turmeric powder – this is offered in two ways. One is to put the dry powder on Shivling. Some people mix turmeric in water and pour it on Shivling. Turmeric in Root Form – In some regions freshly harvested turmeric is offered to Shiva. In some regions, the dried form is offered. Seven pieces of turmeric – seven pieces are offered in Shiva temples to find solution to all finance related issues. How to offer Turmeric on Shivling? Take bath and visit a Shiva temple. If you have Shivling, you can perform the ritual on it. First offer prayers to Ganesha in the mind Then offer water on Shivling. Then put