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Ahuti in Hindu Rituals

Ahuti, in Hindu rituals, is offering oblations in fire to various deities. It is part of all rituals, rites and yajnas in Hinduism. Ahuti consists of ghee (clarified butter), milk, curd, cooked rice, fried rice, fried paddy, juice of the Soma creeper etc. Ahut is made to Agni, the god of fire, through whom it is believed to reach the respective deities. All that is offered as oblations are products of earth. In certain rituals, the other three elements – fire, air and ether – are also offered.

Goddess Jagadhatri Mantra

Goddess Jagadhatri Mantra is chanted for victory over enemies; and to remove difficulties that have fallen on family. The mantra is also chanted for a happy and peaceful life. The prayer is also chanted for desire fulfillment. In Goddess Jagadhatri form she is the ruler of the universe. In this form, she taught Devas that their victory over Demons is always due to blessing of the Supreme Truth. Jagadhatri Devi Mantra ॐ परितुष्टा जगद्धात्री प्रत्यक्षं प्राह चंडिका नमोऽस्तु ते॥ Om Paritusha Jagadhatri Pratyaksha Prah Chandika Namostute How to Chant Goddess Jagadhatri Mantra? The mantra should be chanted in the morning hours facing north. The person chanting the mantra should wear yellow or white color cloth. Lamp should be lit using cow ghee mixed with turmeric. Yellow flower should be offered. Yellow color banana should be offered as Prasad. This should be later given to a cow The mantra should be chanted for 21 days starting on a Navami Tithi (ninth