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Salt Falling Down Accidentally – What it means in Hindu Astrology

Salt falling down accidentally is considered inauspicious in Hinduism. As per Hindu astrology and beliefs, falling of salt from hand means there will be bad luck in life. Please note that such beliefs are only followed in some regions and not all Hindus follow them. Falling of salt indicates that Shukra Navgraha and Chandra Navgraha will cause problems in the life of a person in near future. There will be bad luck in life. There will be mental tension and stress. What to do if salt falls accidentally? Chant the mantra श्रीं चन्द्राय क्षपाकराय नमः 108 times. Offer white color food to a cow. This will help in avoiding Chandra Navgraha related problems. To pacify Shukra chant the mantra ‘Om Dram Dreem Drom Saha Shukraya Namaha’ 108 times. Offer green grass to a cow. This will help in avoiding Shukra Navgraha related problems.

Why Pandu Abdicated the Throne of Hastinapur to Dhritarashtra and Left for Forest?

It was due to a curse that Pandu abdicated the throne of Hastinapur to Dhritarashtra and left for forest. Kunti and Madri, his wives also gave up the palace and went with him to forest. During a hunting expedition, Pandu struck an antelope with his arrow. He had struck the antelope while it was mating with a doe. The antelope was Sage Kindama and the doe was his wife. To make love freely in the open, they had used their yogic powers to turn themselves into animals. Before dying Sage Kindama cursed Pandu that since he killed him while he was making love to a woman, Pandu would never know the pleasure of lovemaking. If Pandu touches a woman, he would die instantly. After the curse, he decided to live as hermit. He abdicated the throne of Hastinapur to Dhritarashtra as he could no longer father a child and therefore he could not carry forward the Kuru clan. 

Panchopachar – Five Simple Steps and Items used in Hindu Puja - Panchopchar Puja Vidhi

Panchopachar are the five items used in a simple puja in Hinduism. Panchopchar Puja Vidhi with mantra is given below. Some people also consider it as the five steps to worship their personal deity. Panchopachar, or the five items, used in Hindu puja are rice, incense, lamp, flowers and food. In some regions rice is mixed with turmeric and offered to the deity. The Panchopachar items are: Akshat, or Akshata, or rice Dhoop or incense Diya, or deep, or lamp or light Pushpa or flowers Naivedhya or Naivedh, usually sweet or fruits or a simple rice preparation. Panchopchar Puja Vidhi When to Perform? The puja should be performing in the morning or during pradosh period (starting 1.5 hours before sunset) or duirng the evening puja period. Initial Preparation Clean the house or area of puja. Then one has to take bath and purify. Offer prayers to Ganesha The deity to which puja is offered should be placed. If you keep kalash then fill water, put a coin,

Unique Modern Temples in Chennai – That Fulfills Modern Desires

Desire is as old as the hills and the oceans. It reinvents itself; human beings have different desires in different periods. Depending on the desires, we make temples to fulfill those desires. Here are some unique modern temples in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. These temples fulfill the modern desires. Visa Lakshmi Ganapati at Pazhavanthangal Vrindavan Nagar in Chennai   Any visa related problems are solved by offering prayers here. All problems related to student visas, job visas etc are resolved here. The temple came to prominence in the 1990s after youngsters dreaming of US job visas had their dream fulfilled after offering prayers here. The huge pool of youngsters who had no other dream other than an IT job in the USA used to visit the temple. Many of them got their dream jobs and thus the shrine became famous. Cricket Ganesha at east Annai Satya Nagar in Anna Nagar in Chennai  This Ganesha temple was built after the famous India – Australia cricket match in Chenna