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Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye - that which liberates is knowledge

Knowledge or vidya gives power, pleasure, and honor. Both science and spirituality enrich us with knowledge, but that knowledge is superior, which leads us to liberation. Liberation from physical, mental, and external bonds is attained through the control of external nature with the help of science; while liberation from internal bonds is attained through ethics and religion. Hindu scriptures say: ‘Sa vidya ya vimuktaye; that which liberates is knowledge.’ But the main role of knowledge is to free us from all these bondages: fear, doubts, inadequacy, and uncertainty. Total knowledge is apara and para, lower and higher, according to the Mundaka Upanishad. Despite the assertion that spiritual knowledge is higher, it is emphasized that cultivating both of them (science and spirituality) is required for our full-fledged development. The former knowledge is about doing, while the latter is about being. It is basically a way of developing a holistic way of life — living a matur