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E-queue System in Sabarimala - Register Online and Skip Long Wait for Darshan at Ayyappa Temple

To avoid overcrowding, congestion and stampede at the famous Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala, authorities are planning e-queue system. Devotees can register online and join a separate queue at Nadapanthal at the time and date provided. Initially devotees will have to do their online booking at the Kerala police website but as the season begins, the Travancore Devaswom Board will take charge of the e-queue system. You can register for the E-queue system here at the Kerala Police website. Kerala Police notification on the E-queue system - By booking this, you are not assured with Darshan at Sabarimala. However this entitles you to join the queue at "Nadapanthal".  After verifying your credentials you will be put through the queue for darshan eventually along with those who are waiting in the queue. Free Service - This is a free service offered by Kerala Police for the purpose of crowd management at Sabarimala. You are not required to make any payment in this c

Story Of Parvati As Fisherwoman And Shiva A Fisherman

There are numerous stories in the Puranas in which Shiva and Goddess Parvati appear among common people. In one such story Shiva becomes a fisherman and Goddess Parvati a fisherwoman. Legend has it that once Shiva was imparting some lessons to Goddess Parvati. But the attention of Goddess was on a fish in a lake. Shiva got angry and told her that if the fish was more interesting than his words then it is better that she become a fisherwoman. Shiva's words came to pass, and Goddess Parvati was born as a daughter of a fisherman in a fishing village.  She was beautiful and adventurous. She could fish and handle boats better than the fishermen of her village. The entire village was happy with her. Shiva happily watched the progress. But wondered how he could get her back. Manibhadra, one of the Shiva ganas, realized this and decided to help his master. He took the form of a huge shark and started disturbing the fishermen. It overturned boats and caused numerous

Meet these proud Women Priests

Sandhyavandanam Lakshmi Devi, V Seethalakshmi, Lingambotla Vimala Kumari, Gyan Kumari Pandey, Pranaveswari, Rajeswari, Bhuvaneswari, Gnaneswari, and Chanda Vyas are all women priests (priestess) who are performing all important Hindu pujas and rituals including Shradh and Wedding Ceremonies. Sandhyavandanam Lakshmi Devi is the first woman to conduct rituals in Andhra Pradesh. She has also performed many last rites, including that of her teacher Gopadeva Sastry. V Seethalakshmi is an expert on the Vedas and not only delivers scholarly discourses, but also conducts religious ceremonies. She has been performing pujas for 25 years. She also teaches the scriptures at a centre in Hyderabad to a class of 50 women Lingambotla Vimala Kumari – Works as Upa Pradhanarchaka and supervises Laksha kumkumarchana at Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Temple in Vijayawada . Gyan Kumari Pandey, 58, an astrologer and purohit, started practising professionally some 35 years ago. Pranave