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Nahai Khai the first day of Chhath

Nahai Khai marks the beginning of the four-day Chhath festival. The most important event on this day is preparing food on freshly prepared ovens after taking a dip in Ganga. Nahai Khai 2018 date is November 11. The preparation is known as Lauki Bhat. Chhath festival, also known as Suryashashti, symbolically involves spiritual and physical purification. 
The main food cooked on the Nahai Khai day is rice, chana dal, and green gourd (lauki). Lauki is an important preparation on the day and therefore the cooking is also referred as Lauki Bhat.
The ritual of nahai-khai is followed by kharna – a day of fasting. On the next two days, ‘arghya’ (offerings) is done to the Sun God.

Dhanteras Puja Time in 2014 – Good Muhurt on Dhantaru in 2014

On Dhanteras falling two days before Diwali, people perform Lakshmi Puja in some regions. The Dhantaru puja is performed during the Shubh Time. In 2014, Dhanteras is on October 21, 2014 and the Muhurat or Good time to perform puja are:

Dhantaru or Dhanteras Puja Time - October 21, 2014

9:32 AM to 1:50 PM 3:16 PM to 4:42 PM 7:41 PM to 9:14 PM
10:47 PM on October 21 to 1:53 AM on October 22
Please note that the time is based on Indian Standard Time.

How to observe Dhanteras?

Diwali Vishwakarma Puja in 2018 – Deepavali Viswakarma Pooja

Vishwakarma Puja during Diwali is observed during the Shukla Paksha, or waxing phase of moon, in Kartik month. Diwali Vishwakarma Puja in 2018 is on November 8. Lord Vishwakarama is the presiding deity of craftsmen and architects. He is the divine architect of the whole universe. Vishwakarma Puja during the Diwali period is mainly observed in certain parts of North India.
It must be noted that the most famous Vishwakarma Puja is the one observed in Eastern parts of India and it falls on September 17 in 2018.
Some of the most popular architectural gems mentioned in Hindu scriptures were built by Lord Vishwakarma. The long list includes Dwarka and Indraprastha of Pandavas.
Laborers, artisans, carpenters, craftsmen, mechanics, smith and other workers celebrate and observe Vishwakarma puja in traditional fervor and gaiety.

On the day workers rise above caste, creed and color and spread the message of communal harmony, national integration and universal brotherhood.

On put the good before them – Swami Vivekananda

Have faith in man first, and then having faith in him, believe that if there are defects in him, if he makes mistakes, if he embraces the crudest and the vilest doctrines, believe that it is not from his real nature that they come, but from the want of higher ideals.
If a man goes towards what is false, it is because he cannot get what is true. Therefore the only method of correcting what is false is by supplying him with what is rue. Do this, and let him compare. You give him the truth, and there your work is done.
Let him compare it in his own mind with what he has already in him; and, mark my words, if you have really given him the truth, the false must vanish, light must dispel darkness, and truth will bring the good out.
This is the way if you want to reform the country spiritually; this is the way, and not fighting, not even telling people that what they are doing is bad. Put the good before them, see how eagerly they take it, see how the divine that never dies, that is alway…