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How to do or observe Ahoi Ashtami Vrat? – Hoi Mata Fasting and Puja Procedure

Ahoi Puja, or Ahoi Ashtami Vrat, is observed by mothers on the eighth day during the dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha) of Kartik month in North India. Puja and fasting dedicated to Hoi Mata is the main observance on the day, which falls before Diwali. The fast begins at sunrise and ends with the sighting of moon or star. Here is a simple step by step guide to how to observe Ahoi Vrat.

Fasting Duration and Time to Fast
The fasting is from morning to sighting of moon or stars in the night sky. It is a complete fast. But many devotees drink water and eat food made using Sabudana or fruits.
After the morning prayers, mothers do their normal work. When to do the Puja Most women in the neighborhood gather for the puja in the afternoon or an hour or so before sunset for the Ahoi Puja. Pradosh Kaal is ideally chosen for the puja (5:30 PM to 7:00 PM).
Creating Painting of Ahoi Mata A painting of Ahoi Mata is made on the wall or a picture or idol is placed in the Puja room. The painting is made o…

Mrigasira Nakshatra Tarabalam – Good Tarabalam for Mrigasira Birth Star Born People

Mrigasira Nakshatra (birth star) born people will have good Tarabalam generally with following Nakshatra born people: Mrigasira Tarabalam is used for looking marriage compatibility, business partnership and other deals.
Mrigasira Good Nakshatra Tarabalam with:
Bharani Nakshatra Krittika Rohin Nakshatra Arudra Pushyami Nakshatra Purvaphalguni Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra Hasta Swati Nakshatra Anuradha
Purvashada Uttarashada Nakshatra Sravana Shatabhisha Nakshatra Uttarabhadra
Please note that this is only a general list. Please note that in some regions Tarabalam is calculated daily based on the day’s Nakshatra. In such cases the general list should be ignored.

Abjayoni – Name of Brahma Dev

Abjayoni is one among the numerous names of Brahma, the creator. Abjayoni means ‘one who is born of a lotus.’ Legend has it that Brahma appeared from a lotus emerging from the navel of Bhagvan Vishnu.
In Hinduism a cycle of creation comes to an end with the great deluge. On the waters of the great deluge, Bhagvan Vishnu alone floats atop a banyan leaf.

Then Jagadamba (Goddess Shakti) appears before the Vatapatrasayi Vishnu and reminds him that it is time for the next cycle of creation. Then from the navel of Vishnu appears a lotus with Brahma atop it - Abjayoni.
Brahma then pays his respect to Jagadamba and Vishnu and begins the next cycle of creation. Brahma then creates the Saptarishis and Prajapatis. All living beings are then created.

Not to commit female feticide – An Additional Step – Eighth Step in Hindu Weddings

In Hindu Weddings, the groom takes his bride's hand and the couple begin their ritual seven steps around the sacred fire – now some couples are adding an eighth step a promise and commitment to not to commit female feticide. This important step will go a long way in stopping sex selective abortions – the murder of female child before her birth by parents often forced by in-laws and relatives. Womensnews reports  “Time for the saptapadi," the priest announces. The groom takes his bride's hand and the couple begin their ritual seven steps around the sacred fire. (Saptapadi means seven steps in Sanskrit and is an important part of Hindu weddings.) The first step is for togetherness…, with the seventh step the circumambulation of the fire is nearly complete, but the couple add an impulsive eighth step, solemnly making an extra promise of their own. "We promise," they say, "not to commit female feticide." Aug. 8 became a landmark in fighting discrimination …

Life has a meaning when we give one to it – Anandamurti Gurumaa

Everyone wants to be happy, yet everyone does things which create reasons for more and more happiness.
Create a space for yourself. Breathe in it, live in it. Feel the freedom.
When mind is calm it becomes as clear as a clean glass, then everything beyond gets to be known which was not possible before.
Open up and be a lotus. Don't remain closed.
When you have woken up from night sleep, just before opening eyes, say to yourself 'thank you lord for a new day, i will strive to make best of it', and open eyes with a smile.
Life has a meaning when we give one to it. Are you ready to give a meaning. Come to learn and then unlearn.
Anandamurti Gurumaa