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Eighth Century Shiva temple Unearthed in Orissa

An eighth century Shiva temple was unearthed at Nuagaon village in Dhenkanal District, Orissa. The temple was first noticed by the villagers of Nuagaon and they found idols of Lord Ganesh and Lord Muruga (Kartikeya) and sculptures of three-hooded snakes. Parts of temple structures were also found here.The villagers have placed the idols under nearby banyan trees and have started worshipping it. The idols are made of black granite stones and bear resemblance of traditional Orissan sculpture. Experts feel that findings might shed light on the civilization that existed here during the eighth century. (link)

Cricket Ganesha Temple in Chennai

A temple with Lord Ganesh idol having eleven heads (symbolizing the cricket team), another idol in batting posture and yet another in bowling posture. People of Chennai have named this temple the ‘Cricket Pillayar temple’ and is located at Annanagar in the heart of the city. Pillayar in Tamil means ‘Ganesh.’The temple was set up six years ago by Ramakrishnan, a Ganesha devotee and cricket lover. (link)Don’t dismiss this as yet another display of a cricket crazy public. The temple demonstrates the freedom and flexibility that Hindu religion provides. People often talk about 330 million Hindu deities. These people often forget the freedom that Hinduism provides to a person to create Gods or Goddesses or to modify the existing Gods or Goddesses. So there exist many more million Gods and Goddesses and even more in the minds of the devotees.