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My Friend Ganesha

My Friend Ganesha – a new animation movie in Hindi – is from the Koffee Break Pictures. As the title suggests, it is the story of a lonely boy befriending Lord Ganesh. The animated film is directed Rajiv S Ruia. The highlight of the film is its music – a fusion of traditional and western tracks.The boy, who is always left alone by his busy parents, learns about Lord Ganesh from the maid servant in his house. During a Ganesh festival, Lord Ganesh arrives at his home and they both become friends. Soon they start to explore and tries to find solutions to the boy’s problems.

Call to India for Free on Holi through Yahoo Messenger

This Holi Yahoo is offering free PC to phone calls to India. For this all you need is Yahoo Voice and you can make calls to any landlines or mobile in India through your PC. Yahoo Voice (the latest Yahoo Messenger) offers PC to phone calls to most countries around the world at very low rates. It is this service that is free during Holi. To make calls you need a phone out account. The free calls are available from Mar 3 10:30am IST to Mar 4 10:29pm IST (Mar 2 9:00pm PST to Mar 4 8:59am PST). Free calls are limited to thirty minutes and are available to phone out subscribers only.There is also a special discount offer during the Holi week at 4.9¢/min for phone out subscribers. This rate is available from Mar 1 10:30 pm IST to Mar 3 10:29 am IST and Mar 4 10:30pm IST to Mar 8 10:29am IST.

Quote for the day - Tulsidas

This and this alone
Is true religion –
To serve thy brethren: This is sin above all other sin,
To harm thy brethren:In such a faith is happiness,
In lack of it is misery and pain:Blessed is he who swerveth not aside
From this strait path:
Blessed is he whose life is lived
Thus ceaselessly in serving God:By hearing others’ burdens,
And so alone,
Is life, true life, to be attained:Nothing is hard to him who, casting self aside,
Thinks only this –
How many I serve my fellow-men?Tulsidas