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Why so many gods in Hinduism?

A Christian reader of Hindu Blog wrote to me saying that Hinduism has too many gods and it is confusing. Too many gods is a criticism leveled against Hinduism. And it is also used by some people to attack Hinduism. Now, if you put this question to a Hindu scholar, he/she will quote from religious texts to explain about the numerous gods. A common man might not understand many of the quotes and explanations.Now, Hinduism is not a religion and it does not have a founder. It is a way of life. So depending on the need of the hour, region, Nature and environment, people are free to create their own gods, forms of worship and celebrations. Some people need god to escape from the fear of death. Some need god for solving their day-to-day issues. After doing all the hard work, some people feel the need for that extra help, which is provided by God. So everyone needs ‘a form of God’ to pray to. Each individual depending on his/her need and liking, can choose a form to pray to. After all nobod…

Quote for the day

Bhagavad Gita advocates moderation as the key to experiencing the bliss of the Self (Atman). Lord Krishna taught Arjuna, “This Yoga is neither for him who overeats, nor for him who observes a complete fast; it is neither for him who is given to too much sleep, nor even for him who is ceaselessly awake. Yoga, which rids one of woe, is accomplished only by him who is regulated in performing actions, and regulated in sleep and wakefulness.”
Br. Gagan ChaitanyaSource : The Hindu

Hindu links for 9/26/2006

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