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Quoting from ancient religious texts is not a solution for present day problems

Whenever there is a major issue in our society, the religious leaders quote from ancient text to validate their point. Can there be anything more foolish than this? The problems our society face are different from the time when these sacred books were written. Most of the problems of today might not have been even imagined by the writers of the religious texts.A classic example is abortion. Biblical points have been analyzed countless times for abortion. When bible was written there was no country in the world with a population of more than a billion. Today, we have two nations – China and India. Will the quotes in Bible solve the problems of population explosion? Another example is the caste system in India. Hindu religious texts are used to defend this evil system. But any person who thinks judiciously knows that the caste system has no value in the modern world.Similarly, Koran is quoted for defending various practices in Islam. Can the writings of some religious scholars be the gu…

Hindu links for 9/22/2006

Hindu News
Scientist reveals key link between the mind and the body at Dalai Lama Meeting
Because he discovered a key link between the mind and the body, Kevin J. Tracey, MD, of The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research spoke this morning at Longevity and Optimal Health: Integrating Eastern and Western Perspectives. This conference, co-hosted by the Columbia University Integrative Medicine Program and Tibet House, has brought together leading scientists, scholars and practitioners to discuss how recent advances in the Western science of aging may reveal how the Indo-Tibetan traditions of meditation, diet and yoga extend life.
On the conversion debate
The attempt to prevent conversions out of the Hindu fold is not a new phenomenon. It has, however, gained momentum during the last few years, more so in the BJP-ruled states. The excuse for introducing this ‘freedom’, through the Freedom of Religion Bill, is that millions are being converted to other religions in order to weaken the Hindu …

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