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The story of Hindu Widows

The treatment meted out to widows by certain section of Hindu society is appalling. The life of a widow in rural India is nothing short of dreadfulness. So much has been written about this aspect. It is high time the Hindu society took up the issue of widows.

Certain societies in India have changed during the past 60 years. A classic example is the Hindu society in Kerala. Primary education has done a world of good here. Remarriage is no longer a problem in Kerala. Hindu society should take lessons from Kerala. A reformation should take place within the Hindu society.

The story of India's widows by Dheera Sujan is an eye opener. “My mother became a widow at the age of 37. Soon after, she packed up her children and her belongings and left India for a job in Australia. 40 years later, her family still hasn't really recovered from losing us, and I think she's never stopped feeling guilty for leaving them. When I asked her why she'd made such a drastic move at a time when wome…