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Good Dates In December 2023 In Hindu Calendar - Hindu Auspicious Days In December 2023

Hindu auspicious days are looked for buying selling and various other purposes. December 2023 Hindu auspicious dates given below are based on India Standard Time. The auspicious dates in December 2023 are good for house warming, joining job, buying car or house, moving into new rented home, registration, birth, visiting, first visit etc. Hindu Auspicious Days in December 2023 December 1 December 2 December 6 December 7 good time till 4:08 PM December 9 good time till 7:13 AM December 16 good time till 9:15 AM December 17 December 18 December 20 good time after 3:55 PM December 21 December 22 good time till 7:42 PM December 25 December 26 good time after 5:51 PM Bad dates or dates that should be avoided in December 2023 are  – December 4, 9, 11, 12, 23, 24, 28 and December 29. Certain dates that might not be mentioned above are neither good nor bad. They are average dates. You won't get the desired results if auspicious events are performed on the day

Trinity Worship In Udra Tantra – Male – Female Combination Of Jagannath

Bhagavan Jagannath, Sri Balabhadra and Maa Subhadra are tantric deities approved by Udra Tantras. There is specialty in construction of the deities in tantric method for which trinity are showed as male and female. Trinity are Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara and also Bhuvaneswari, Dakshina Kali and Tara respectively. In Tantra Shastra, it is mentioned that Tara sakshat Sulapani Subhadra Bhuvaneswari, Niladrau to Jagannath Sakshyt Dakhinakalika That means Balabhadra is treated as Shiva (male) and Tara (female). Like that Sri Jagannath is treated as Vishnu (male) and Dakhinakali (female) and Subhadra is treated as Brahma (male) and Bhuvaneswari (female). Odisha, in the old age, was called as Udra Desh. Udra-tantra was famous in Udra Desh and so it was called as Udra tantra. "Tanyate Bistaryate anena iti tantram." Tantric ethics in India as well as Odisha were preserved in Tala leaves. Panchasakhas described Sri Jagannath as tantric deity. Maa Subhadra is described

Khagendra Mani Darpana – Ancient Book On Ayurveda Medicine

Khagendra Mani Darpana is an ancient book on Ayurveda medicine by MangalarajaI, who lived in the 14th century CE. He was in the court of Harihara I as a court physician. This work on medicine has 16 chapters, comprising cures for all diseases of the head, body, mind, and intellect. In addition to prescription of medicines for common ailments, the work deals with specific reference to peculiar diseases in detail. There are preventive as well as curative prescriptions with specific do’s and don’ts. The author has a philosophical view regarding the final emancipation of individual beings through the application of medicine. He goes to the extent of using this science for moksha, the final emancipation expected by every Hindu to be out of the bondage of birth and death. The objective behind this thinking and suggestion is laudable and is considered to be utkrishta (superlative). The work is in poetic form and the language is lucid, communicative, and easy to understand. We can find exa

Vaikunta Ekadashi 2023 Date

Vaikunta Ekadashi, also known as Mukkoti Ekadasi, is one of the most important Ekadasis.  Vaikunta Ekadasi 2023 date is January 2, 2023. Swarga Vaasal or or Paramapada opening is from 3:00 AM on January 2. Please note that in United States and UK it is marked on January 2. In Australia and New Zealand it is marked on January 2. Vaikunta Ekadasi is observed in the Margali Month (Margazhi Masam) as per Tamil Calendar and in Dhanurmasam as per Telugu Calendar.  Ekadashi  is an auspicious day dedicated to Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu and falls on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight in traditional Hindu calendar. Vaikuntha Ekadashi is also known as Mukkoti Ekadasi and in Kerala it is known as Swargavathil Ekadasi. Vaikunta Ekadasi festival is more elaborately celebrated by Vaishnavites. It is more prominent for Tamil and Telugu speaking people. Fasting, keep vigil at night and passing through the Vaikunta Dwaram are the important auspicious activities on the day.

Good Date to Buy Car in October 2023 – Auspicious Dates to Bike – Scooter – Other Vehicles as Per Hindu Astrology

Good and auspicious dates for buying car, bike, vehicles, are based on good rashi, nakshatra, tarabalam, karana, tithi, yog and other calculation in Hindu Astrology in October 2023. These are the good dates for paying first amount or advance money. The entire time on the days is good for the purpose until mentioned otherwise. We have prepared these dates after studying various Hindu panchangs and calendars. This is not a computer-generated list. Good Date to Buy Car in October 2023 October 1 October 3 good time after 6:10 PM for buying car October 7 October 8 October 15 October 16 good time till 7:30 PM for buying car October 18 good time till 1:18 PM for buying car October 22 October 23 October 24 October 25 good time after 12:39 PM for buying car

Dreaming Of Buying Alcohol – Meaning

Dreaming of buying alcohol is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will soon face failures or disappointments and you will attempt to cover it up by intoxication. It also means you will be mentally and physically weak in near future. Dreams of buying alcohol and it is at an unknown place means you misusing your freedom and this resulting in some kind of trouble. Dream of buying alcohol from a known place means you will show boldness to do something that you usually hesitate to do. It also means accepting challenges of friends without thinking about its consequences. Dreaming of buying alcohol and you wake up terrified or crying means you will be blamed for something you had not done intentionally. It also means other people trapping you. Dreams of buying alcohol and you are happy in the dream means party or get together. It also means you will decide to have fun after hard work.

Dreaming Of People Who Have Died – Meaning

As per dream interpretation and meaning, dreaming of dead people means they have some unfulfilled wishes or they want to convey some important message to you. The dream is a warning sign. Dreams of people who have died is also an indication about some danger to you or some member related to the dead people in the dream. Dream of people who have died and they had an unnatural death means they might have left something for you or want to you to complete some task so that they can escape from the earth. Dreaming of people who have died who were really close to you and who cared for you means that you are on the wrong path with your activities or you are doing wrong things or are in a wrong friendship. They want you to change for the good. People who have died also come in dream to tell you about their possessions and hidden wealth. They will show you signs about them. They also come to give clues about their death. Dreaming of people who have died is a very common dream as people

Logic Is Worthless In Spirituality

If you are a person too concerned about logic and results, then your spiritual journey will end in failure. Logic is worthless in spirituality. There is no success or achievement in true spirituality. When truth dawns, there is nothing to discuss or prove. It is a state beyond words and explanation. Human words and thoughts are irrelevant in that existence. The world of logic and results exist only when there is the other – someone to defeat or prove something. The aim of spirituality to is realize that there is no second. This is because the infinite cannot be divided into two. All that is here is the infinite. Many apply logic to question rituals, pujas and prayers. What these people do not realize is that these are mere steps in spirituality. Each person walks the road of spirituality in a different way. They take the correct road only when realization strikes them. Wrong or right each step is very important for the individual. Do not question methods in spirituality. As long

Dreaming Of Perfume – Meaning

Dreaming of perfume is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will achieve success. It also means desire fulfillment and happiness. The dream also suggests journey and meeting someone special. Dreams of perfume are also associated with marriages and attending important functions. Dream of perfume and you are seen applying it or buying it means you will soon have a positive relationship with opposite sex. It is also associated with physical relationship. Dreams of perfume and you are not seen in the dream means missed opportunity. It also means you will be late for something important. The dream is a warning sign that prejudice and anger might block you from wish fulfillment. Dreaming of perfume and you are seen closing your nose or turning your face away mans you will be forced to be in an unpleasant place. It also means you not agreeing with what other people like. Dream of perfume and you wake up terrified or angry means return of something b

Dreaming Of Peeing – Meaning

Dreaming of peeing is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will find relief to a problem. It also means respite after some real tense moments. The dream is also associated with success and peace. Dreams of peeing and you are not seen in the dream means accidently getting into awkward situations. Dream of peeing and you are seen with other people or friends mean fun time. It also means doing things that you would never do in a normal situation. Dreaming of peeing and you wake up terrified or angry means violation of your personal space. It also means someone taking advantage of your personal problem. Dreams of peeing and you are in a strange world or unknown place means facing trouble in doing basic things in a new place. It also means fear and shame causing problems in your life. Dream of peeing and you see red or yellow color means health issues. It also means your plans will be badly affected by a sudden emergency.

Dreaming Of Pearls – Meaning

Dreaming of pearls is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will overcome all problems related to education, interview and exams. Dreams of pearls also mean change of fortune in financial matters. It also means a period of peace and no tension. Dream of you wearing pearls means you will soon make right decisions regarding property, business partners and your income. It also means spending money on luxury items. Dream of seeing someone else wearing pearls means you will see improvement in health matters. It means better health in the family. Dreaming of seeing lots of pearls together is luck in lottery or games. It means new growth and huge financial success. Dream of broken pearls is associated with missed opportunity. It also means you will be jealous and your bad decisions will cause harm to you and others. Dreaming of pearls getting crushed means you will be cheated of your fortune or it also means theft.

5 January 2023 Tithi – Panchang – Hindu Calendar – Good Time – Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Thursday, 5 January 2023 – It is Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi tithi or the fourteenth day during waxing or light phase of moon   in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi tithi or the fourteenth day during waxing or light phase of moon on the entire day on January 5 and till 1:21 AM on January 6. Then onward it is Purnima tithi or the full moon day till 3:12 AM on January 7. Then onward (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.)  Good – Auspicious time on January 5, 2023 as per Hindu Calendar – Good and auspicious time on the entire day.  Nakshatra  – Mrigasira or Makayiram or Mrigasheersham nakshatra till 9:13 PM on January 5. Then onward it is Ardra or Arudhara or Thiruvathira nakshatra till 11:29 PM on January 6. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Kar