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Story In Hindu Religion – Balancing Spirituality And Sexual Desires

The story in Hindu religion on balancing spirituality and sexual desires is found in the Vana Parva of Mahabharata. In the Mahabharata, Indra advised Pandavas to use their years of exile wisely to travel, see new places, and learn new skills and to spend time with sages and learned people. This will help them in becoming better human beings and rulers. The story was narrated to the Pandavas by a sage. The story is of Sage Vibhandaka, who so strongly believed in a life of abstinence from sex.   Legend has it that Sage Vibhandaka was seduced by celestial damsel Urvashi. Semen from Vibhandaka fell into a river and this went into the stomach of a Doe that was drinking water. Rishyasringa was given birth by the Doe (female deer). After the incident, Sage Vibhandaka had this guilt that he failed control his desire. The visit of Urvashi also disturbed his Brahmacharya and Tapas. Vibhandaka did not want the same fate for his son. So he refused to teach his son Rishyashringa, anything abo

Cave Temples In Kerala – Popular Guha Kshetram in Kerala

 Majority of the cave temples in Kerala were built between 6th and 9th century CE. Most of them are very small compared to the popular Hindu cave temples in western parts of India. Here is look at the cave temples in Kerala. The list of popular Guha temples in Kerala is incomplete as there is no final word regarding anything related to Hindu religion as new information and new discoveries are made regularly. Methala Kallil Cave Temple Methala Kallil cave temple is an ancient cave temple located at Asamannoor Village in Ernakulam district, Kerala. The temple is around 10 km from Kothamangalam, Perumbavoor and Muvattupuzha. The Bhagavathi Prathishta is in a cave beneath a massive rock (75 feet length, 45 feet width and 25 feet) that stands without a support on the ground – this is a wonder. Historical studies indicate that the temple dates back to the third century BC. The natural cave temple is located in the middle of a 28 acre forest. In the beginning it was a Jain Temple as t

Vishwamitra Nadi Sukta – Thirteen Stanzas Addressed To Rivers in Rig Veda III.33

Vishwamitra nadi sukta consists of thirteen stanzas in the Rig Veda III.33 addressed to two rivers. It is in the form of a dialogue. The dialogue hymns in Rig Veda are known as ahyana hymns or ballads. Vishwamitra Nadi Sukta is dialogue between Vishwamitra, a seer of Rig Veda III and the two rivers – Vipas (Beas) and Sutudri (Sutlej) in Punjab. It took place at the confluence of these two rivers, which were flooded when the rishi wanted to cross it. According to Sayana, commentator on Rig Veda, Sage Vishwamitra was the purohita (chief priest) of King Sudas, son of Pijavana, and as a priest, he received a good amount of wealth as dashina with which he came to the confluence of the two rivers. It is also suggested that the Bharata communities were successful in their expedition and they and their priest were confronted at the confluence with the problem of successful and safe crossing, as these two rivers, being urged by Indra, were flowing with a great mass of water, swelling into wa

We Have Choice In Terms Of How We Think, Speak And Act

We have choice in terms of how we think, speak and act in a situation. Quite often, when we make the choice, we are governed by harsh emotions, prejudice, anger and ego. And the end result of it is hatred and numerous other negative problems. Purity in thought, action and speech is necessary for our good health, happiness and spirituality. Each time when we act and talk under the influence of negative emotions, we damage our good health and our mental well-being.  Choose words wisely and use kind words. Remain silent and talk only when it is necessary. Always weigh your words before you utter them. Always keep the tongue in control for a happy life. Always fill the mind with good thoughts. Read, see and hear good things. Act when necessary and make sure that the actions bring in positive results to others and us. When we choose the right words to communicate there will be fruitful cooperation. Many words should never be used. Such words only cause trouble and harm.

5 February 2021 Tithi - Panchang - Hindu Calendar - Good Time - Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Friday, 5 February 2021 – It is Krishna Paksha Ashtami tithi or the eighth day during the waning or dark phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Krishna Paksha Ashtami tithi or the eighth day during the waning or dark phase of moon till 11:01 AM on February 5. Then onward it Krishna Paksha Navami tithi or the ninth day during the waning or dark phase of moon till 8:41 AM on February 6. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.  Good – Auspicious time on February 5, 2021 as per Hindu Calendar – Good and auspicious time after 6:27 PM.  Nakshatra  – Vishaka or Vishakam nakshatra till 7:19 PM on February 5. Then onward it is Anuradha or Anusham or Anizham nakshatra till 5:43 PM on February 6. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajasthan), Visha