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Keezhur Temple In Kasaragod - History - Information - Keezhur Chandragiri Shri Sastha Temple - Festival

Keezhur Chandragiri Shri Sastha temple is located at Kizhur – Kalnad around 6 km from Kasaragod town in Kerala. The annual 7-day festival in the temple begins on the Karutha Vavu or the Amavasya day in Thulam month. The Sastha worshipped in the temple is in standing posture. The deity faces east. The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Kuthirakali, Subrahmanian and Ganapathy. The belief is that the temple was first dedicated to Kuthira Kali Amma. Sastha who was the upasana murti of Chandrangada king arrived. There was a fight between Kuthira Kali Amma and Sastha. As settlement, both the deities are to go together and participate in the festival at Thrikkaniavu Temple. The temple in ancient times belonged to Chirakkal kings. The temple performs Navagraha puja to overcome Shani related problems in horoscope. The temple is located 1.5 km off Meleparambil on Kasaragod – Chandragiri – Kanhangad road.

Keezhillam Mahadeva Temple Information - Festival

Keezhillam Mahadeva temple is located on the Perumbavoor – Muvattupuzha road at Keezhillam village (6 km from Perumbavoor) in Ernakulam district, Kerala. The 8-day annual festival ends with arattu on the Thiruvathira nakshatra day in Kumbham month. The annual festival includes all the temple rituals associated with Shiva temples in Kerala. Five caparisoned elephants participate in the annual ezhunnallathu. Traditional temple art forms are part of the festival. The main deity Shiva worshipped in the temple is known as Perumthrikovilappan. The Shivling in the temple is big in height and breadth. The deity faces east. There are two pradakshina inside the circular sreekovil. The belief is that the prathishta in the temple was performed by Khara Maharishi. The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy, Ayyappan and Rakshas.

Seeing Owl – Good Or Bad Luck – Beliefs In Hinduism

There are several owl related beliefs in Hinduism. Depending on the situation, sighting owl can be both good and bad. There is no consistency regarding these beliefs as it is purely based on local and community beliefs. Such beliefs are never based on scriptures. It is believed that if an owl starts to sit in any house then there will be financial, property and relationship problems in the house. If an owl sits in the balcony or roof and starts to make sounds then there will be death of an important member of the family pretty quickly. If an owl cries near the main gate or door of the house continuously for three days then there will be financial or money loss due to theft at home. If while traveling a person comes across an owl making hom-hom sound, then it is considered auspicious. Owl making sound during travels means desires will be fulfilled. Seeing owl on the left side or hearing owl making sound from the left side is considered meritorious and good luck. Seeing owl o

Keezhadoor Sree Durga Temple - Information - Gods Worshipped - Festival

Keezhadoor Sree Durga temple is located at Meladoor near Alathur village in Thrissur district in Kerala. The 8-day annual temple festival at Keezhadoor Sree Durga temple ends with Arattu on the Karthika nakshatra day in Medam month. This is one among the 108 Durga temples in Kerala. The main offering in the temple is Brahmani Pattu for early and good marriage. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Goddess Durga. She is consecrated in a circular (vatta sreekovil) sanctum which faces east. The murti worshipped in the temple is 5 feet tall. The murti in the shrine is of a unique sankalpam. She has had her mangalsutra daranam but her marriage had not taken place. Thus the deity is a virgin. As the deity is a virgin there are no Upa Devatas inside the main temple compound. All Upa Devatas including Shiva, Ganapathy, Ayyappan and Rakshas are worshipped outside the main temple compound. The temple is maintained by Kshetra Samrakshana Samiti.

Vellor Vamana Temple Information - Festival – Sree Vamana Swamy Temple

Sree Vamana Swamy temple, also known as Kivellor Vamana Temple, is located at Vellor village near Piravom Road Railways Station in Ernakulam district, Kerala. Vellor Vamana temple annual festival begins on Chothi nakshatra day in Makaram month and ends with Arattu on Thiruvonam nakshatra day. The shrine is located atop a hill. The sanctum sanctorum is in the shape of the back of an elephant – Gaja Prishta Kovil. This type of sreekovil is also known as Mukhal vattom. It is believed that the sreekovil was built by Perumthachan. The main deity Vamana faces east. Sastha, although an Upa Devata, has equal importance with Vamana murti. The other Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Shiva, Ganapathy, Durga and Mahavishnu. Kodimaram or flag post is present in front of both Vamana and Sastha temple. Elephants are not allowed inside the temple. Earlier Koothu and Koodiyattam was held from Thiruvonam nakshatra in Karkidakam month to Thiruvonam nakshatra in Chingam month. The templ

Kizhakke Desam Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Information - Festival

Kizhakke Desam Sree Dharma Sastha temple is located on the banks of Aluva Puzha near Aluva in Ernakulam district, Kerala. The main festival in the temple is observed Uthram nakshatra in Meenam month. Vilakku festival is observed on the day. Sastha in the temple is worshipped along with Goddess Prabtha. The murti is in Padmasana posture and faces east.  The temple was known as Periyattakavu in the Ayyappan Thiyattu pattu. Thus this is one among the 108 Ayyappa temples in Kerala. The belief is that the murti was recovered from Aluva Puzha. The temple is managed by a committee consisting of villagers. 

Chakkuvally Parabrahma Temple In Kollam – Kerala

Chakkuvally Parabrahma temple is located at Porumvazhi village. The main deity Shiva in the temple is worshipped as Parabrahma. It is also believed that the murti is a combined form of Shiva and Valli (who is considered to be the sister of Shiva). The main prathishta is under a Peepal tree. Shiva faces east and Valli faces west. The main temple in the festival is observed on Vrischikam 30. Earlier Chirappu was observed from Vrischikam 1 to Vrischikam 12. An important festival with Kettukazhcha is observed 28 th day of Onam – 28 days after Thiruvonam. It is said that initially the murtis in temple was Shakti and Valli. Shakti was colloquially called chakki and the place was then called Chakkivalli and later became Chakkuvally. The belief is that the temple is located on one among 18 padanilams of Kayamkulam. king. It is said that to destroy the enemies, Kadampanad Naduvazhi installed Aghora Shiva in Chakkuvally Padanilam. As a solution to this, Sooranadu Naduvazhi installed Val

Vedana In Buddhism

Vedana is one of the five aggregates for interpreting human personality. It is one of the pancha skandha through which Buddhists explain the human personality. Vedana in this context means feelings. For interpreting the human personality, as Buddha declined to accept the conception of atma, he introduced the theology of “five aggregates.” His refusal to accept the eternal existence of atma and is empirically conditioned form as the nature of human personality led him to understand its real nature. Through his active meditations, Buddha understood that the human personality is an aggregate of five constituents. According to Pali Buddhism they are vedana (feeling), sanna (perception), sankhara (disposition), rupa (form0 and vinnana (consciousness). He also observed that all these constituents are impermanent, and thus the satisfaction one can draw from them is limited. He was clear that the attachment implicitly developed by the human being towards these elements of human

Bhagavad Gita Questions And Answers

Three questions and there answers from the Bhagavad Gita Bhagavad Gita On Most Esteemed Devotee Although all pious men are noble, The wise man of discrimination I cherish as My very Self, Because he is devoted to Me only. In union with Me, he is convinced that I am his Supreme Goal. The wise man after having struggled through many lives, Acquires through discrimination the knowledge, That everything is Vasudeva (Brahman), And thus take refuge in Me. Such a great soul is very rare. (Bhagavad Gita, 18-19) Bhagavad Gita on why no improvement is seen even after attending spiritual programs? All those who mechanically put in plenty of self effort do not necessarily succeed. Hundreds are those who complain that though they were regular in their spiritual program for years, no appreciable amount of self development has come to them. Only those who are successful in their attempts at stilling their mind and cleansing their intellect of its disturbing attachments and desires come to r

20 January 2021 Tithi - Panchang - Hindu Calendar - Good Time - Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Wednesday, 20 January 2021 – It is Shukla Paksha Saptami tithi or the seventh day during waxing or light phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Shukla Paksha Saptami tithi or the seventh day during waxing or light phase of moon till 1:17 PM on January 20. Then onward it Shukla Paksha Ashtami tithi or the eighth day during waxing or light phase of moon till 3:21 PM on January 21. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.  Good – Auspicious time on January 20, 2021 as per Hindu Calendar – Good and auspicious time till 1:14 PM.  Nakshatra  – Revati Nakshatra till 12:59 PM on January 20. Then onward it is Ashwini or Aswathy Nakshatra till 3:31 PM on January 21. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajasthan), it is Revathi Nakshatra till 12:37 P