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Why Venkateswara Devotees Chant Govinda?

Lord Venkateswara or Balaji worshipped in the Tirumala Tirupati Temple is referred to with the name ‘Govinda’ mostly. When pilgrims climb up the Seven Hills, they chant, ‘Govinda! Govinda!’. We can find the tag line, ‘Follow Dharma, Think of Govinda’ all over in Tirumala and Tirupati. The three vertical pious lines are popular as ‘Govinda Namalu’ (Govinda Lines). When Swami is taken out in a procession in the circumambulation streets of the temple, His name Govinda, Govinda, Gokula Nandana (one who is born in Gokul) Govinda will be renting the air. Govinda Because He Saved Vedas In the sound “Go” we can find two meanings – (Gochara [visible] Agocharam [invisible] ). It also means something that is describable with words and one which is beyond words. When Somasura [a demon] threw the Vedas into the sea, Lord Vishnu in the avatar of a fish got them back. Therefore, he became Govinda. Here, sound means ‘Veda Sound’. Sri Venkateswara is Veda Murti [form], Veda Samrakshaka [pr

Bhai Phota 2023 – Importance and Reason of Bhai Phonta Festival

Bhai Phonta is a festival dedicated to the brother-sister relationship and is similar to the Bhai Dooj festival observed in North India . Bhai Phota 2023 date is November 15. Fota, or Phonta, refers to the sandalwood paste that is applied on the forehead of brothers by sisters on the day. Sisters pray for the wellbeing and safety of brothers and this is the main reason. It is an important festival in many regions in eastern parts of India. Where and When Bhai Phota is observed in the Kartik month in Bengali calendar and the day coincides with the Bhai Dooj festival in other parts of the country. How is it Observed? The sisters fast from the morning of Bhai Phonta and the fasting ends when she applies the sandalwood paste tika on the forehead of brothers. She also ties a holy thread on the wrist of the brothers. Brothers in return promise to protect her and present her with gifts. Favorite dishes of brothers are prepared on the day by sisters. A small puja and ritua

God And Universe Meaning - The Metaphor Of Bel Fruit - Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna sums up with a simple illustration the truth of the unified ultimate Reality and the multiplicity of the manifest universe: ‘…he who has attained God knows that it is God who has become all this. Then he sees that God, Maya, living beings and the universe form one whole. God includes the universe and its living beings.’ Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa goes on to give the illustration of a bel fruit: Suppose you have separated the shell, flesh, and a seed of a bel-fruit and someone asks you the weight of the fruit. Will you leave aside the shell and the seeds, and weigh only the flesh? Not at all. To know the real weight of the fruit, you must weigh the whole of it—the shell, the flesh and the seeds. Only then can you tell its real weight. Sri Ramakrishna explains this metaphor: The shell may be likened to the universe, and the seeds to living beings. While one is engaged in discrimination one says to oneself that the universe and living beings are non-Self and

Teachings On Inner Peace In Hinduism

A collection of teachings on inner peace in Hinduism. Dispassion and renunciation comprise the key to inner peace. Such peace alone makes happiness possible. – Swami Chidananda Build your inner environment. Practice silence! I remember the wonderful discipline of the Great Ones. When we used to talk and chatter, they would say “Go back into your inner castle.” It was very hard to comprehend then, but no I understand the way of peace. – Paramahansa Yogananda. People are born for different tasks, but in order to survive everyone requires the same nourishment; inner peace. – Sathya Sai Baba I have never questioned anything that has happened in my life ever. In fact I have always accepted it as the will of some great cosmic plan that has been written for me. As a result of this I don’t end up arguing with my inner self, as most people tend to do. That is why I find my inner peace easily. And I think it is the easiest way to attain inner happiness. – Dada J P Vaswani Mate

Importance Of Fasting In Hinduism – True Meaning Of Vrat Or Upvaas in Hindu Religion

Fasting in Hinduism is of great importance as it is one of the oldest and most sacred spiritual practices for controlling the mind and taming the senses. In Hindu religion, fasting (Vrat or Upvaas) has been used from time immemorial by rishis, saints, kings and people in order to purify their bodies, minds and souls, and to bring every cell of the body in communion with the divine. Meaning of Vrat – Upvas in Hindu Religion And Different Types of Fasting The words used to describe fasting in Hinduism are upavasa and vrata. The word ‘vrata’ is derived from the root ‘vr’ meaning to choose and the person observes this voluntarily. Vrata means either accepting a prescribed food or refraining from taking food. In Sanskrit, the word for fast is upavasa. This literally means, ‘sitting near to …’ which implies being in the presence of God. Therefore, it is a time in which one is supposed to not merely refrain from eating, but more importantly to sit in meditation, prayer and contempla