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Goddess Amba Yantra – Benefits – Mantra - Large Image of Amba Yantra

Goddess Amba Yantra is worshipped by Hindus for peace, good health and prosperity. Other benefits of worshipped the yantra daily include desire fulfillment, early marriage and solutions to financial problems. Click on the image to see all the mantra associated with Amba Yantra. The yantra should be worshipped on Tuesday and Friday.

Shani In Kali Yuga – How Sade Sati Works On Person In Kali Yuga?

Shani, the son of Surya, plays the role of judge, executioner and punisher in Kali Yuga. Shani visits a person to give punishments for all wrongdoings – Adharmic activities. Here is a look how Sade Sati works on a person in Kali Yuga. It is said that the punishment of Shani extends for 7.5 years. Shani first sits on the head of a living being for 2.5 years. Here he makes the person do all kinds of foolish things. He will be swayed by lust, desire and other things. Net result is financial loss, loss of honor and lack of peace Shani then moves to stomach and sits here for 2.5 years. During this period the person will face numerous health issues. The person will lose his wealth and property. There will be no happiness. Shani then moves to the legs of the person and sits here for the next 2.5 years. During this period the person will have to struggle for even the smallest things. There will be constant impediments and tensions in life. This period will be like walking thr

Belnauti – Bilva Amantran Sashti during Durga Puja

Belnauti, Bilva Abhimantran Sashti, is one of the initial rituals performed during Durga Puja. It is performed on the sixth day, or Sashti day, of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. Belnauti 2023 date is October 20. Amantran is inviting Goddess Durga into the puja area. The rituals on the day are performed by qualified priests. The most important rituals of Durga Puja begin from the next day morning – Saptami Day. The important rituals on the Belnauti day include unveiling the face of Durga Idol and Kalparambho. Bodhon, Amantron and Adibas are some of the other main rituals on Sashti day.

Vijnanam Brahma

Vijnanam Brahma is one of the mahavakyas (basic statements) of Vedanta. Vijnanam Brahma means Brahman is Wisdom. In spiritual terms, vijnanam means that special knowledge which has become part of one’s experience. Jnana with prefix ‘vi’ means special knowledge. Vijnanam Brahma statement is found in the Taittiriya Upanishad – “Vijnanam Brahma Cedveda.” The mantra insists upon the importance of intellect. The intellect is the determining and discriminating faculty in us. By the help of intelligence one can aspire to reach up to the experience of the Real Self. The self-realized intelligence is all-pervading and in essence the same as Brahman. Brahman is said to be the most Supreme (paratpara). The reality is a Unity; this knowledge removes all delusion. By reflecting upon one’s own self, the mind becomes free from all illusions, bring us near to our own self. The identification of the self with a being (jivabhava) is a worldly nature; this self is always busy in thinkin

Selling Minimalism And Live With Less In The Era Of Great Indian Festival And Big Billion Day Sale

We Hindus living in India are bombarded regularly by Great Indian Festival and Big Billion Day sale. Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) has been promoting minimalism and living with less from time immemorial. West is adopting minimalism in a big way but east which is home to the idea of minimalism is in reverse gear. Unnecessary shopping done just to avail the irresistible discounts ends up clogging up our small homes and flats. Many people end up owning half a dozen mobiles. After each online festival sale old clothes, electronic items and numerous plastic products end up causing clutter. One of the important lessons in Hinduism is to live a simple life, especially without causing any damage to nature. This important lesson has three great benefits firstly it causes minimum damage to nature and environment, there is happiness and less stress, and thirdly there is no extra pressure on earning more money to buy new things. Every new purchase only creates more credit card debts