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Symbolism in the Nine Forms of Goddesses Durga Worshipped During Navratri

The nine goddess worshipped during Navratri are known as Nav Durga and they have hidden symbolism attached to them. The Navadurga are Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kala Ratri (Kaalratri), Maha Gowri and Siddhi Dayini. Goddess Shailputri  is symbolically associated with Shradha ( concentration, devotion, veneration and faith ). Brahmacharini is associated with dispassion towards feelings caused by the senses. She helps a devotee achieve control over the senses. Chandraghanta is associated with clean and pure mind, which is filled with God consciousness. She helps a devotee in mastering the mind. A person who has control over the mind is always in bliss. Maa Kushmanda is dedicated to victory over the evil thoughts that rise in the mind. She crushes all kinds of unwanted desires that make life unhappy. She uproots illusion or Maya. Skanda Mata protects the godliness and goodness in the mind of a devotee. She nourishe

Akhand Jyoti during Navratri – Keeping Lamp Lit for Nine Days during Navratri

Akhand Jyoti during Navratri is the lamp, which is kept lit for nine days during Navratri by many families. Here are some important information and significance of the Akhand Jyoti. There are many rules, dos, and don’ts while keeping the lamp lit for nine days. The Lamp Dedicated to Durga and her Nine Forms Akhand Jyoti is dedicated to Mother Goddess Durga and here nine forms worshipped during the nine days of Navratri. Why is Akhand Jyoti Kept During Navratri It is kept to seek blessing and pardon for sins committed. It is widely believed that houses in which Akhand Jyoti is lit will be blessed with peace, prosperity and good health. Some devotees keep it for getting job, early marriage and for desire fulfillment. Rules - Dos - Don'ts and How to Keep Akhand Jyoti during Navratri  A devotee should take a vow to keep the lamp lit for nine days before Mother Goddess and then the person should make sure that the lamp burns continuously for the entire Navratri period. G

How to Perform or Observe Navratri Vrat? - Navratri Fasting Rules

Navratri Vrat is an important fast observed by Hindus during Ashvin (September – October). This articles give an idea regarding Navratri fasting rules and on how to perform or observe navratri vrat. Navratri fasting in 2023 begins on October 15 and ends on October 23. Vasant Navratri fasting is from March 22 to March 30, 2023. It is believed that those devotees who perform Navratri fasting will find happiness on earth and will receive ‘moksha.’ Certain rules and rituals are followed during the period. Legend has it that how to observe the Navratri Vrat was once narrated by Goddess Durga to one of her ardent devotee. The Vratis observed by both men and women and a Navratri mantra is repeated during the period. Navratri Fasting Rules - Dos and Don'ts No non-vegetarian food. No smoking, eating pan, alcohol and other intoxicating objects. No sexual intercourse. No cutting or shaving of hair, beard, moustache, body hair and nails during the period. Some people walk barefoo

10 Things To Remember During Navratri Vrat And Puja At Home

Puja of Mother Goddess can be performed on any day during the year. But it is considered highly meritorious to perform it during the Navratri. Here are 10 things to remember during Navratri puja at home. You need to wake up early in the morning. Clean the house. Take Bath and then perform the puja. Smoking, chewing pan, drinking alcohol, having sexual intercourse and getting a massage should be avoided during the nine days. Before beginning the puja write swastika symbol using haldi or kumkum in the designated puja area. Puja should be performed daily in the morning and evening. Puja should be performed facing south. It is believed that Maa arrives from the south. Puja should be performed with complete attention. Unwanted thoughts and talks should be avoided during puja. Anger, hatred and intolerance should not be present while performing puja. Before starting the puja family members should resolve all the problems. Devi Maha