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Significance of Traditional Garba – Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning of Dandiya Raas

Navratri Garba and Dandiya Raas are slowly losing its real meaning and spiritualism attached to it. In ancient times, earthen pots with several holes for light to pass through were kept on one another in front of the painting or murti of Mother Goddess on the first night of Navratri. A lamp with four wicks was placed in the pot and it was kept lit till the end of Navratri festival. Dance was performed around the lamp in circles. Garba and Garbi There are two types of folk dances performed during ‘Garba’. The dance performed by the males standing in a circle singing while clapping with simple feet movements is called ‘Garbi’ and the dance performed by females with delicate body gesticulations is called ‘Garba’. ‘Garba’ means singing devotional hymns praising the Goddess with rhythmic clapping. It is performed for invoking the blessing of Mother Goddess and thanking her for protecting her children. Through the dance, we also ask her to uphold Dharma by annihilating Adharm

Why We Are Born? – Hinduism Answers

Why we are born? There are three possible answers. The answer of Hinduism to the question is explained in detail. There is no ‘why’ to it, taking for granted that everything in nature is meaningless and may be called a mere chance. This is the purely materialistic view and its ethics consists in making hay while the sun shines. We are here because of the will of God. But why God should will so, when He is a perfect being having no needs, cannot be answered. Man finds himself in a predicament, which is described as one of sin, the sure wages of which is subjection to death and destruction. God who created man has, however, provided him with a way of escape, which true religion has chalked out for him. This is the view which a religion like Christianity takes. Navlakha Temple Ghumli Gujarat There is a third view which Indian religions like Hinduism , Buddhism, Jainism, etc hold. They say that we are here because of our Karma, the good and evil effects and tendencies of past