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Story Sri Krishna Shows Arjuna – Why Karna Is The Greatest Giver?

There is a popular story in which Sri Krishna shows Arjuna why Karna is the greatest giver. To show the greatness of Karna, Sri Krishna takes the form of an arrogant Brahmin and begs before Karna in the battlefield when Karna is about to die. The seventeenth day of the Mahabharata War had ended. The great warrior Karna was also slain on the battleground. Great celebrations were underway in the Pandava camp rejoicing the defeat and end of Karna. At this joyous hour, Sri Krishna, who was instrumental in Pandava’s victory, was sitting with great worry and was muttering to himself: ‘Today, this world has lost a great giver.’ Yudhisthira never felt jealous no matter how much anyone or anyone’s good qualities were praised. However, Arjuna was greatly saddened to hear Sri Krishna praising his arch-enemy, Karna, and hence Arjuna sat with a crestfallen face. Seeing Arjuna’s plight, Sri Krishna said to him: ‘Arjuna! It seems that you consider that I am unnecessarily praisin

Story – Ramanujacharya Ignores The Warning of Hell And Reveals Secret Mantra For the Welfare Of All

A major incident in the life of Sri Ramanujacharya which inspires all spiritual aspirants even today is that of Ramanuja sharing with one and all, the mantra given to him by his guru Goshthipurna. Anyone who received the mantra was sure to attain mukti or liberation, and the guru had strictly forbidden him from disclosing it to anyone. The guru had also warned that if Ramanuja revealed it, he would be condemned to hell! But the large-hearted Ramanujacharya dared to openly initiate a large crowd of people, irrespective of their caste or qualification with that very mantra declaring that he would gladly suffer hell if the mantra with its esoteric meaning would enable so many to attain the infinite bliss of mukti!

Amanaska Yoga Teachings

Amanaska Yoga is a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Sage Vamadeva. This is a collection of teachings from the book. Without knowing the truth about Atman, i.e., the nature of bliss supreme, the ignorant get deluded in Shastras. Just as salt would unite with water by being mixed with water, so the mind also would unite with Brahman through close contact with Brahman. Emami Jagannath Temple In Odisha Just as from a flower, fruit appears which destroys the flower, so, from the body, the highest reality appears which destroys the body. Not knowing the highest reality which is situated within himself, the confused man is deluded (and looks for it) in the Shastras, (just as) when a goat is held in his armpit, the foolish herdsman looks for (it) in a well. Source - The Amanaska Yoga A Critical Edition, Translation and Study by Jason Birch

Importance Of Forgive And Forget – Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki gives her insight into the importance of forgive and forget. The same ones who have brought us sorrow or anger will come in front of us one day to be forgiven. Holding on to the fact that someone has betrayed or deceived us makes us hostage to the anger inside. In fact, we should also help the ones who have deceived us to forget that they have done this to us. When we see the opportunity for forgiveness, we have to help them reduce their pain and suffering, which is the consequence of the earlier actions they took. This is why we need to have forgiveness, love, mercy, and compassion. To help someone forget his or her own misdeeds is the highest form of charity. When your intent is pure, it has a vibrant impact on others. When you are touched by a good quality – inspired by virtue or a value – and act in an elevated way, your action has the potential to inspire others. It is a natural law that souls respond to the quality of intention they experience in others. W