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Teaching From Vedas On Peace - Quotes And Thoughts On The Importance Of Peace In Vedas

This is a collection of teachings from Vedas on peace. The quotes and thoughts from Vedas shows that peace is not just for human beings but for all animate and inanimate in the universe. The great Vedic Rishis, our illustrious forefathers, had well understood the need for peace in the world. Therefore, in the ancient Vedic books one finds a constant reference to peace. It is the most sublime message of the Vedas – the need for peace; and it is a message that is more relevant now than ever before. In articulating this philosophy of peace, the Vedic Rishis took into account all aspects of peace. The Yajur Veda boldly declares: Let there be peace in heaven, Let there be peace in the atmosphere, Let there be Peace on Earth, May the waters and medical herbs bring peace, May the trees give peace to all beings, May all the Gods be peaceful, May the Vedas spread peace everywhere, May all other objects everywhere give us peace, And may that peace come to us and remain

The Story Of Enlightenment Namdev - Gora Kumbhar And Old Man – By Ramana Maharshi

This is a story narrated by Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi which explains how Sant Namdev (1270 AD – 1350 AD) – Marathi Saint and Bhakti Poet – attained final enlightenment. Gora, another saint, who was a potter by trade, held a feast to which he invited the saints, including Namdev and Jnanadev. In the hope of enlightening Namdev, Jnanadev said to Gora: “Your job is making pots. You daily test them to see which are properly baked and which are not. There sitting in front of you are the pots (humans) of God, so test them to see which are sound.” Gora who had been told privately of the purpose of the test, agreed and, taking up the stick with which he used to test his pots, went round among his guests, tapping each one on the head. They all submitted meekly till he came to Namdev, who cried out indignantly: “What do you mean, potter, by coming to tap me with your stick?” Gora whereupon replied, to Jnanadev: “All the other pots are properly baked; only this one is not yet baked!”

Story – Emperor Samudragupta Overcome Anxiety And Tension

Anxiety, stress, and tension are not anything new. Even emperor Samudragupta was a victim of them. Samudragupta was the fourth ruler of the Gupta Empire and the son and successor of Chandragupta I. Fed up with constant pressure and stress, to find peace Samudragupta left the palace and riding on a horse reached a deep forest. In the dark deep forest, he heard the melodious sound of the flute. Samudragupta slowly moved towards the spot from where the sound of the flute was emanating. After a few minutes, he found the flute was being played by a young man who was sitting under a tree. His goats were eating grass near him. There was peace all around him. Samudragupta told the young man that he was so happily playing the flute as if he has won an empire and had become an emperor. The young man did not know that he was talking to Samudragupta, the emperor. He addressed the stranger as gentleman and told him that please pray that I do not become an emperor. Samudragu