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Urdhva Pundram – Lord Vishnu Devotee Tilak Shape

Urdhva Pundram is the name given by Vaishnava devotees to the shape of tilak worn by them. Urdhva Pundram is worn daily by Lord Vishnu devotees. It is a perpendicular religious mark on the forehead of a Vaishnava devotee. As per Puranas, Urdhva Pundra should be applied only after a person has had his bath, and wearing clean clothes. No ritual, prayer or worship can be fruitful unless one applies tilak. The material used for Urdhva Pundra is pure soft clay, sanctified by utterances of mantras. Sandalwood paste, holy ashes, and turmeric powder are also used for tilak by people depending on the tradition to which they belong.

Why Gandhari was chosen to marry the blind Dhritarashtra?

Dhritarashtra was born blind. But he belonged to the powerful Kuru clan, therefore, it was easy for him to find a bride. Then, why was Gandhari chosen to marry the blind Dhritarashtra? There is a reason for this choice and it is associated with a boon to Gandhari by Lord Shiva. Pandu married Kunti and Madri. But he did not have any children in both the wives. Bhishma then heard about Gandhari, the daughter of Subala, the king of Gandhara. Gandhari was famous for her beauty and virtue. But even more famous was her devotion to Lord Shiva. By her intense austerities and unshakable devotion and faith, she had obtained a boon from Shiva to be the mother of 100 sons. Bhishma who was eager to ensure the continuity of Kuru clan sent his ambassadors to the Gandhara king, proposing his daughter’s marriage with Dhritarashtra. King Suvala knew Dhritarashtra was blind but assented to the match, as he did not want to miss the opportunity of getting a powerful n ally like the Kuru dynas

October 2019 Good Dates For Interview Exam As Per Hindu Panchang

There are few good dates for interview, exam and for other similar purposes in Hindu panchang in October 2019. These dates are based on Indian Standard Time. It is believed by Hindus that giving interview and exams at a good time will help in achieving the desired results. Good Dates For Interview Exam in October 2019 October 1 good time from 8:30 AM to 2:20 PM October 2 good time after 12:50 PM October 3 good time till 12:05 PM October 7 October 8 October 12 October 13 good time after 1:40 PM October 14 October 15 October 18 October 19 October 22 October 27 October 28 October 30

Shiva Deeksha in Srisailam Temple – How To Perform Shiva Deeksha?

Shiva Deeksha is observed by devotee with a   strict regimen for 40 days before Mahashivaratri in the famous Srisailam Temple. It is also observed for the same period during Kartik Month (October – November). The mandala (40 days ) is considered to be very pious and the Sivaswamis (devotees) follow the procedure with ascetic austerity. How To Perform Shiva Deeksha? The daily regimen starts with the swami waking up well before sunrise and having cold water bath. The first timers start with recitation of the Shiva Panchakshari mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ for a minimum of 108 times while others perform ‘Rudram’ comprising ‘Namakam’ and ‘Chamakam.’ Most devotees performing Shiva Deeksha wear black dress and smear vibhuti (sacred ash) on their forehead, arms, elbows and wrists and do not use footwear or shave face. They sleep on the bare floor or with a mat over it and eat bland food. In the evening, they chant the mantra and perform abhishekam. They partake fruits and milk in the

Despondency Is Not Religion - Swami Vivekananda

Despondency Is Not Religion - Thoughts - By Swami Vivekananda - Source - The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, 4.11 Despondency is not religion, whatever else it may be. By being pleasant always and smiling, it takes you nearer to God, nearer than any prayer.  How can those minds that are gloomy and dull love? If they talk of love, it is false; they want to hurt others. Think of the fanatics; they make the longest faces, and all their religion is to fight against others in word and act. Think of what they have done in the past, and of what they would do now if they were given a free hand. They would deluge the whole world in blood tomorrow if it would bring them power. By worshipping power and making long faces, they lose every bit of love from their hearts. So the man who always feels miserable will never come to God. It is not religion, it is diabolism to say, ‘I am so miserable.’ Every man has his own burden to bear. If you are miserable, try to be happy, try to conque