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Ganesh Mantra For Love Marriage

A reader wanted to know if there is a Ganesh Mantra for love marriage. As per astrologers from North India there is a powerful Ganesh Mantra for love marriage. The mantra is as follows. Om Gam Ganpataye Varvard Sarvjanam Mein Vashmanya Swaha ॐ गं गणपतये वरवरद सर्वजनं में वशमानय स्वाहा The mantra is to be chanted on Tuesday or Wednesday. The mantra should be chanted in the morning along with sunrise before the picture or murti of Ganesha. The person chanting the mantra should wear saffron or white color clothes after taking mantra. The person should sit facing east while chanting the mantra. The mantra should be chanted 108 times and the count should be kept on tulsi mala.

Kamdev – Story of Rebirth of Kamdev

Kamdev was deputed by Devas (demigods) to end the deep tapas,, or penance, that Shiva undertook after the death of Goddess Sati. To disrupt the penance that was causing imbalance in the universe, Kamadeva arrived in front of Shiva along with Ratidevi, and shot five arrows of flowers at the heart of Shiva. Shiva’s penance was interrupted and he was terribly angry and opened his third eye on his forehead, and a fierce blazing flame came out of his third eye and burned Kamadeva into ashes. Shiva returned to householder’s life after this incident and the balance of the universe was restored. However, there was no solace to Rati Devi. She lost her Love. This created another problem in the universe – with the death of Kamdev, there was no one to ignite passion in the living beings. Procreation came to a standstill. Rati Devi, the consort of Kamadeva, then prayed to Mother Goddess Shakti. Goddess then appeared as Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari and brought back Kamdev into life.

Gotriratri Vrat – Go Triratri Vrata

Gotriratri Vrat, or Go Tri Ratri Vrata, is dedicated to Gau or cow. It is observed in Bhadrapad month in North India . The same vrat is observed in Ashwin month in Gujarat . Go Tri Ratri Vrata 2024 date is September 16 to September 18. The three day vrat is dedicated to cow worship. Special care is taken of cattle during the period. Gotriratri Vrat is observed from Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Trayodashi to Purnima – from the 13th day of the waxing phase of moon to full moon day.

Indra Govinda Puja in Odisha

Indra Govinda Puja is dedicated to the famous incident of Sri Krishna lifting Govardhan   Mountain and humbling Indra’s pride. Indra Govinda Puja 2024 date in Odisha is September 18. Indra was worshipped by people for rains. Indra was arrogant and punished the people with flood if the offering were inadequate.  Krishna  thought Govardhan hill which was stopping the clouds and providing rains should be worshipped and not an arrogant Indra.  Krishna  asked people to stop worshipping Indra and offer pujas to Govardhan hill. A furious Indra, created non-stop rain over Braj and flooded the entire region. The downpour continued for days. This was a challenge to Krishna From Indra.  Krishna  as usual met the challenge with a smile.  Krishna  lifted Govardhan hill with his little finger and provided shelter to humans and animals.  Indra Govinda Puja is observed in memory of this divine event. Indra Govinda Puja in Odisha is observed on full moon day in Bhadrapad month.

Adhukha Navami

Adhukh Navami is a ritual observed in the Bhadrapad Month. The rituals on the day are dedicated to Goddess Shakti. In some regions, worship is offered to Goddess Gauri. Adhukha Navami 2024 date is September 12. Widowers (men who had lost their wives) offer food to the poor – especially to a poor married woman. In some places dry food is donated to the poor people. Women offer worship to Goddess Shakti for a good and prosperous year for the family. As per some scholars, women observed this vrat for having healthy and intelligent children in the family. Aduka Navmi is observed on the ninth day during the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in the Bhadrapad month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in  North India .

Ravana Boon From Brahma – Lesson – Never Underestimate Any Living Being

To attain immortality boon from Brahma, Ravana performed intense penance. The story of the boon has an important lesson – never underestimate any living. Demons are always tormented by fear of death and fear of losing their position and possessions. They are under the influence of ignorance. Ravana was no different and he performed intense penance of several years to attain immortality. Brahma did not show any interest in the penance of Ravana. Ravana who had 10 heads started chopping one head at a time. In order to get the attention Brahma, he chopped off nine of his heads as part of the severe penance. Brahma appeared before Ravana when he was getting ready to sacrifice his only remaining head. Pleased with Ravana’s intense austerities, Brahma offered Ravana a boon, in response to which Ravana asked for immortality. It is the law of nature that which is born has to undergo transformation. No living can be immortal. Brahma therefore refused the boon. Ra