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Goddess Sharika – About Hindu Goddess Sharika

Goddess Sharika is a manifestation of the Mother Goddess or Goddess Shakti. Hindu Goddess Sharika is worshipped mainly in Jammu and Kashmir by the Kashmiri Pandits. She is also known as Jagadamba Sharika Bhagwati, Mahatripurasundari, Rajarajeshwari and also as Haer. The Goddess is represented in the form of a Swayambhu Sri Chakra – a Sri Chakra that appeared on its own. The popular belief is that Goddess Sharika appeared on the ninth day during the Shukla Paksha of Ashada month. Her abode is the Hari Parvat on the outskirts of Srinagar . The belief is that this place is the source of Sri Chakra – the secret knowledge of Sri Yantra. Legend has it that Goddess Sharika took the form of a bird (Haer in local language) and took a huge pebble from Hari Parvat and annihilated a demon that was causing havoc in the valley. Thus she is also known Haer. There are numerous miracles associated with Goddess Sharika and some of them are part of folklore. In human for

Simple Wheat Flour Totke in Hinduism to Solve Business Problems

Wheat Flour Totke to solve business problems is widely used by certain Hindu communities in North India. Such totke are not part of Hinduism but such small rituals are followed by people from time immemorial. There must be some success with the process for people to follow it for such long period of time. The process is done by people who are facing constant failure in business. The process should be done only during the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha) - the 15 days starting from Amavasya. Take some wheat flour and place it on the outside and inside of window of your shop or factory. Make sure that nobody notices you while doing this. Wear green color dress performing this totke. If possible, feed a cow on the day with roti, banana and jaggery.

Naga Pratishta in Rameswaram Temple

Naga Pratishta at Rameswaram is performed to get relief from all kinds of Naga Dosham. There is a firm belief that performing Naga Pratishta in Rameswaram Temple will help in alleviating troubles associated with Naga doshas including Kaal Sarpa Dosha. Naga Pratishta means installing the murti (idol) of Naga in temple in Rameshwaram. The cost of the puja asked by priests varies from 5000 to 15,000 rupees. You should bargain for nothing more than 7500. If the Naga Pratishta is advised by an astrologer carry any written advice he or she has given or any murti or plate he has given. Naga Pratishta is performed by priests in the Rameshwaram temple vicinity. They are known to charge exorbitant rates for the puja. So one needs to put on the bargaining hat and bargain really hard. The puja procedure starts in the evening and is completed in the next day morning. The main ritual in Naga Pratishta is the installation of a murti of Naga (idol of snake god). The murti after t

Krishna Karnamrita – A Sri Krishna Devotional Poem - Krishna Karnamrutham Book pdf

Krishna Karnamrita is a popular devotional poem dedicated to Sri Krishna. Also known as Krishna Karnamrutham is the work of Leelasuka, who is also known as Krishna Lilasuka and Bilvamangala or Vilvamangala. He belongs to the period before 1300 AD. You can also download the Krishna Karnamrita text in book format in pdf. Each of the 330 verses in the three cantos of Krishna Karnamrita stands by itself. The poem as a whole gains unity by its devotional fervor, verbal melody, and sensuous pictorial effect. The dance of the gopis around Sri Krishna (the Raas Leela) is described with lyrical beauty and ecstatic emotion. A major example of the poetry of the Bhakti movement, the work advocates the path of devotion (bhakti marga) as the best means of reaching the divine. It asks readers who are tired of traveling incessantly in the forest of Vedanta to search for the meaning of Upanishads in the houses of the gopis and find it personified in Krishna tied to the mortar. A ma

Ashwarooda Mantra – To Overcome Manglik Dosha Or Chowa Dosham

Manglik Dosha, or Chowa Dosham, is based on horoscope and astrological calculations and is followed by those Hindus that believe in astrology. Such Doshas are considered while checking kundali or horoscope compatibility of before marriage. There will be delay in marriage of girls and boys with Manglik Dosha or Chowa Dosham in their horoscope. As they have to get a similar horoscope that matches with theirs. It is believed by some Hindu communities that chanting of Ashwarooda Mantra will help in early marriage. The mantra is to be chanted while performing daily prayers. You can Aswarooda Mantra as many numbers of times you want. Ashwarooda Mantra is – Om Aaim Hreem Krim Ayeyahi Parameshwari Swaha. 

Swami Visharadananda Teachings on Sarcasm - Desires - True Identity

Teachings on Sarcasm - Desires - True Identity by Swami Visharadananda Sarcasm is another very serious form of verbal violence that needs to be checked. To speak sarcastically means to have a hidden idea to hurt the other person through one’s seemingly simple words. To ridicule others or laugh at them when they are in trouble is also a verbal violence. Says one Sanskrit proverb: If out of carelessness, someone slips on the way, evil-minded people laugh at him. The noble minded, however, try to console and help him out. What is there to laugh about a person who slips and falls? He is already hurt, and instead of giving him a helping hand, if one laughs at him, one does violence to him. Laughing in itself is a good thing, but when one laughs at others’ misfortune it is indeed cruel. The entire Mahabharata war took place because Draupadi laughed at Duryodhana at the wrong time and that pierced his heart like a spear. Then he said, ‘I will take revenge forit.’ What all she