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Why Hindus Should Not Cut Trees On Amavasya? - Reason For No Carpentry Work on Amavasya

Amavasya is the no moon day (some call it as new moon) in a traditional Hindu lunar calendar. There is a belief among many Hindu communities that trees should not be cut on Amavasya day – especially if the wood is meant for any type of construction or for carving Murti (deity to be worshipped in Temple) or for sculptures. Here is the reason why Hindus do not cut trees or do carpentry work on Amavasya. The popular belief is that on the Amavasya day, the moon resides in water and on trees on earth. Therefore cutting trees on the day is a great mistake – one has to take many births to overcome the effects of this mistake. Elders say that furniture and other items made from those trees that are cut on Amavasya are known to be more infested with microbes. Over a period of time such furniture is bound to have more attack from pests. They also crumble easily. The strength of the wood cut on Amavasya deteriorates fast. Many carpenters do not work on Amavasya in many regions i

Places Where Kali Resides in Kali Yuga - Demon Kali Locations In Present Era

The present age as per Hindu Tradition is the Kali Yuga. Kali has numerous meanings – anger, suffering, grieve, hurt, confound and confuse. Please note that this is not the Goddess Kali (Kaali). It is the demon Kali. Hindu scriptures state that there are five places where Demon Kali resides in Kali Yuga. Five Place With Presence Of Demon Kali Violence Alcohol Prostitution Gold (avarice) and  Gambling. Story of Demon Kali Choosing Five Places It is believed that for the welfare of humans and other living beings, the domain of Kali has been restricted to five areas. It was King Parikhshit, the Grandson of Arjuna and son of Abhimanyu that decided on the five places that Demon Kali can reside. Legend has it that King Parikshit once happened to witness a king attacking a cow and a bull. There is no greater sin than to kill a cow and King Parikshit decided to kill the king for attacking the cow and bull. Parikshit was about sent his arrow on the king, suddenly the

Savitri Chaturdashi Fasting in Bengal - Sabitri Chaturdashi 2024

Savitri Chaturdashi, or Sabitri Chaturdashi, is observed on the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksha (waning or dark phase of moon) in the Bengali month of Jyeshta (May – June). Married women fast on Savitri Chaturdashi Vrat day for a happy married life and for the well being of their husbands. Sabitri Chaturdashi 2024 date is June 5. Sabitri Chaturdashi is quite similar to the Vat Savitri Vrat observed in North and Western parts of India . It must be noted that in Orissa, Savitri Brata is observed on the Amavasya day in Jyeshta month i.e., the next day of Savitri Chaturdashi. Like in all regions, the Savitri Chaturdashi is based on Savitri – Satyavan Legend in the Mahabharata. Women take inspiration from Savitri who saved her husband from the clutches of death. The fasting method varies from region to region. Most people keep fast from sunrise to sunset. There is also a popular belief that Savitri Chaturdashi Vrat should be observed continuously for 14 years.

7 Hindu Morning Habits To Start The Day Pleasant And Stay Energized

Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life if you’re uninitiated about Sanatana Dharma, the oldest way of life in the world. Hindu religion aims at the all round development of the individual. Here are 7 Hindu morning habits to start the day pleasant and stay energized throughout the day. The seven habits are: Wake up just before sunrise daily Meditate or yoga or walking Drink lukewarm water or tulsi leaf water Breathing exercising - cleaning tongue and teeth Dry brushing the body Applying oil before morning bath Eat healthy traditional breakfast Wake up just before sunrise Wake up just before sunrise. This is the best time to perform many daily routine like meditation, yoga, study, writing, planning for day and more. The ideal solution is to wake up daily at 5:00 AM. This is not going to be easy for people who have nightlife. But for good health and for a successful day, sleep early and wake up early. Do not start waking suddenly at 5:00 AM. Start going to bed a bit

Bhagavad Gita Quotes On Leadership

Here are few quotes and teachings on leadership from the Bhagavad Gita. It is not wise for an intelligent being to lament at the time of crisis. You should not be weak at the time of adversity; you should fight the adversities with a brave heart. (Chapter 2 verse 2 and 3) A true leader should have no attachment to family and friends. The prime concern of a leader should be Dharma - the welfare of all living beings. You should not grieve for those who are not worthy to be grieved for. The wise griever neither for the living nor for the dead. (Chapter 2 verse 11) A leader should not become meek at the time of conflict. For a leader, nothing is more dignified than a war against evil. A leader should be pleased when confronted with a conflict, for it comes as an opportunity to create a legacy. (Chapter 2 - 32-33) A leader should never be swayed by emotions like anger. Anger gives rise to delusion. Delusion corrupts the mind, a corrupt mind destroys the power of reason properl